Does this BeBe transfer make a difference to us?

I think anytime a kid leaves the state, it hurts.

Instead of hearing about Arkansas 24/7 he’ll be hearing about the Aggies and other Texas schools.

Was this kid recruited to TX?

At one time The Woodlands was darn near all-white. That’s not the case any more. Antoine Winfield Jr., safety for the Bucs, is a TWHS grad.

I live in The Woodlands, and it’s a very “Hog Favorite” high school. I’d say about 50 kids go to the UofA from that school every year. For whatever reason, several of the cheerleaders and dance team (Highsteppers) members seem to go every year.

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Also Stacy Lewis is from the Woodlands and several track athletes through the years.

how much of priority was this kid, very high national evaluations but no conversation on the board. I regret missing the Braylen Russell kid who had been at Lakeside although I do believe a lot of unheralded kids can become great RB’s.

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Enos is going to see Russell today; he’s at Benton now. From RD in another thread:

Benton coach Brad Harris said Enos will visit the school this afternoon to check on ’24 RB Braylen Russell.