Does the younger Blocker have a UA offer?

I watched him this morning. He’s awfully good.

LR Christian has a couple sophomores who should be watched too. JJ Andrews (Shawn’s son) and Jameel Wesley (his father starred at Henderson St).


Isn’t Andrews a 9th grader?

He is asking about Landren Blocker, who is a junior. Landren does not have an offer to my knowledge.

JJ Andrews is a 9th grader.

He’s already got 6 Power 6 offers. Are we dragging our feet? If so, is there a reason? Didn’t he visit recently?

Does not.

Remember Muss is only going to offer Top 50 players in the rankings. Landren does not make that cut. I doubt he gets offered.

His visit was unofficial.

Pinion, Dunning and Ford?


You keep flogging this dead horse which isn’t even true. We have three scholarship freshmen who were outside the top 50. No amount of your trying to twist this to fit your narrative changes that. Or moving the goal posts (you’ve been trying to convince us he makes offers based solely on the recruiting rankings).

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My guess is, Muss trusts his own evaluations more so than any recruiting service.


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Muss made that statement about recruiting from now on, not last year. Let the future recruiting prove me wrong. You can’t do that.

My hope is he trusts his evaluations. I think he has taken some highly ranked Arkansas kids in recent years that he wasn’t sold on, and the results have been mixed, at best.

Is it better to take them and them show that they aren’t impact players for us and transfer out, or is it better to not offer them and risk backlash, especially if they do OK, elsewhere.

I don’t know. Just typing out loud.

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That was last class. Muss made that statement about recruiting classes from now on. Remember that when he said he was done with 2023 class of High School recruits?

By the way, when I was beating that horse before, I mentioned that Muss’s not going to sign any player that is not at least a 4 star. Have not been proven wrong yet. Now Muss has the bar to Top 50.

Does Boatneng (LR Central) have an offer? Is he a top 50.

I don’t know. Just asking.

I wasn’t sold on signing every Arkansas 4 star. But I think it is hard to ignore a Top 50 instate player and let another school establish a base here.

I’ve pondered this very scenario; my conclusion?

Since Muss rarely goes deep into his bench (especially in conference play), he could easily piss away a scholly every year on an in-state kid … even if they’re not a difference maker … maintain goodwill with the populace … then usher them along to make room for one the next year.

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He is Top 50 in Rivals I think but not composite 247. He does have an offer.

I agree with that. One caveat is that if in his evaluations Muss determines that there are character issues, or not a good fit for his system, he won’t sign the player regardless of rankings,