Does the Gameday app work for anyone?

I can never get audio for the football games. Can’t even find the option.

I can listen on TuneIn, but the postgame always cuts off with a technical difficulty recorded message.

I didn’t use it this weekend, but I did for Colorado State and for Auburn. I use it because I can pause TV and/or the app to sync them. I have a blue tooth speaker that works just great with my iPhone.

I’ve not had any problems with it. Usually when you first open the app, there is a link for the current live event. When I opened it just now, it shows the radio show link for this coming Wednesday. Right below that is an icon of a white loud speaker in a red oval background. If the event were live, I could click on that.

Thanks. I’ll try it again. I’ve given up on it and gone to TuneIn pretty quickly.

Does the app continue through all of the postgame?

I can’t swear to that, but I think it does.

That’s what I see, too, Bambastic. Only thing is the record shows 1-3, not 1-4. Doesn’t appear to be updated very well.