Does the Foundation have budget for action?

I forget what someone may have reported on it’s financials recently.


It depends.

I don’t mean to seem vague, but there are so many issues that can play out and covering Morris’ buyout if they fired him might not be that big of a deal, but if said issues don’t work out, then some smooth maneuvering will be needed if they really want to fire Morris.

Have read rumors The RF BOTs are meeting today. I don’t if true are not

Never get your info from Hogville

I have no idea if true, but they should be. The AD should be in attendance too.

Every once in awhile someone over there has good info (maybe 1% of the time). The other 99% of the time forget it.

I’m pretty sure the BOT has to make its meetings public before they happen.


I have no info on RF’s finances, but I go to games and see tens of thousands of empty seats.short lines for concessions. Then I go to Dickson street and see very few people.

They can’t afford NOT to replace Morris at this point. And it’s only going to get worse until a change, this defense would get anyone fired. As much as I like Chad and his recruiting, he clearly cannot motivate a team to play hard with any consistency at all.


Hide and watch. You might be surprised.