Does Smith returning limit Devo's minutes?

A best five of Black, Smith, Council, Walsh, and Brazile is very dynamic. Off the bench, we got Devo, Graham, the twins, and Kamani. With Council able to play the point forward, the foursome of Black, Smith, Devo, and Council may be all the ball handlers we need. Then let Walsh, the Twins, and Brazille play the 4/5 position with Kamani as heavy hitter sub and you got our front line. Graham may sub for Brazille at times. Smith, Council, Brazille, and Black may be enough shooting threes. There is a chance Walsh can get hot at times too. We are really long at all positions

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Depth! Options to cover foul trouble or just an off night.

NSJ will eventually take 30-35 minutes per game from those currently playing, so you would expect some of Devo’s minutes would be impacted … AB and RC4 may not have to play as many minutes as well which should help late game freshness. IMO, Devo has felt some pressure to contribute offensively in Nick’s absence … however, early in the season so far, he is at the bottom of the regulars %-wise and hurts the team with repeated misses … Muss probably lets him keep shooting against lesser opponents, but in a tight game against tough competition, he wants our best shooters to shoot.

I predict Devo will find his role after NSJ returns - likely off the bench - and embrace it with all of the energy and effort we are used to seeing from Devo.



Devo will be okay, I look at him as a survivor and he will find his niche with this team. He hit a rough spot last week and I’m confident he will work through this issue moving forward. WPS


He was obviously stung about that SDS game after being pulled out. But, I think he will have a role on the defensive side for sure. He can lock down some people and we’ll need that at some point.

I’m sure you are right on all accounts.WPS

Unless there is a blowout I believe Nick, Black, Council and possibly Brazile will play 30 plus minutes, with first three maybe 35 minutes. It is not Muss’s goal to worry about keeping players fresh. He has said they should be able to play 35 minutes a game. Muss does not like to disrupt the rhythm of the game by substituting unless things are going bad. He will rotate the 5th spot more often.

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Those four looks like good candidates for the NBA.

They certainly have played good enough to play in the NBA. I think that Walsh has the talent to play with that group. What a small ball team that would be.

I agree PJ. And, with the length of those 4, he has the luxury of substituting Bigs, SFs, or guards, depending on the opponent or who’s playing best in practice.

If Walsh can relax a little and become more comfortable in the college game, his and Brazile’s minutes may become similar. Perhaps in the high 20s. I’d also add that, if Mahki can continue progressing with his offensive game, he may be alone in the high teen minutes.

I think Walsh is a year away and will be the veteran on next year’s team. Of course he may decide to leave along with Nick and AB, before he should. Just like Qualls left with Portis.

Has Makhi attempted any jumpers and connected. I cannot remember. I think he is going to need those as we play better bigs.

I would love to have Walsh for a 2nd year, but I’m afraid it’s just wishful thinking.

Yes, I remember 2 or 3 vividly because I was surprised. One in Maui was a 16+ footer. I remember his first one (don’t remember which game) because I yelled “NO” at the TV followed by “YES”. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It does seem like most may have been with a short shot clock. He’s also improved his free throw percentage from his previous years. His history is low .500s and this season he’s at .667. If he gets that over .700 I’ll be happy.


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