Does RW Have a Shot

At all SEC 1st team RB? I know Fournette & Pettway are getting more love from the national press, but Raleigh is having a mighty fine year. He deserves the good pub after all he’s been thru.

Fournette is the most talented, but if he gets it with 5-600 less yards that’s a joke. It’s an award based on performance–not probable NFL performance.

Fournette has missed too much time IMO. If you talk two first-team RBs I’d have to take Pettway and RW3 right now. I’d take Guice over Fournette, actually.

I’ll be really curious about first-team QB. Kelly and Knight are both missing huge chunks of the season. Hurts has played really well for a freshman. Dobbs’ numbers are decent but not great. Lock has the huge passing numbers for a last-place team. AA just keeps plugging along with 2800 passing yards and the best QBR but I can’t see it for a four-loss team. Wouldn’t be surprised if Hurts gets it just for not screwing up the Alabama machine.

Hurts IS the offense for Bama. Their RBs have done nothing remarkable this year in comparison to their past RBs, so Hurts performance to keep them winning and ranked as No. 1 is worthy in folks eyes over here for Heisman consideration.

Therefore, watch for Hurts to be 1st team SEC QB to aid in that objective.

Tusch, I agree it will be Hurts at QB. But, I’ll offer this: Put Hurts on the Arkansas team and he would likely get no support for post recognition. Now, put Allen on the Bama team running the same offense and he would very likely make some All American teams. JMO.

Hurtts will win first team pretty easily. AA should win 2nd team but I have serious doubts that someone like Dobbs or Lock won’t sneak in there.

Austin has outplayed Dobbs but Tennessee has received a ridiculous amount of hype this year for a pretty pedestrian team. And, Dobbs just isn’t that good. He can run and throw a decent go route and that’s it. Everything else is little swing and dump passes.

Lock is on an awful team but has big yardage #s that may sway voters. It’s MO, though, so I doubt it.

The best thing AA has going for him is that is numbers are very good, we have had a decent year given our schedule and he put up 400 yards on Bama.

Has Tennessee beaten a Top 25 team? I don’t think they’ve beaten a single one.

They beat Florida

If Rawleigh is the leading rusher after the Missouri game, then I don’t think there is any way he is left off the first team. The coaches and AP voters put a lot of stock into rushing yards.

If he has just an average game for him he will also lead the league or be close to the lead in rushing TDs.