Does Robb last to next Monday?

We have a press conference Wednesday, so a shakeup on the staff is conceivable still this week. But what do you all think will actually be the most noteworthy thing said at this week’s presser? I personally don’t imagine Brett saying anything we haven’t already heard. He hasn’t shown the capacity for changing his ways or thinking outside the box.

And secondly, how much would a win vs Florida change your feelings about the Razorbacks and Brett’s likelihood to achieve success here? To me, just winning out including bowl game would make me forget the utter futility we showed against the best sec competition in these last 3 games.

You do realize that we beat Ole Miss 10 days ago, right? Even assuming you are referring only to the A&M, Bama and Auburn games, I would not say that it was utter futility in the first two games. Saturday? Yeah, we rolled over and played dead. But not against A&M and Bama. We were beating A&M for 29 minutes and tied for 43 minutes. Bama whipped us but we fought them tooth and nail. Saban was far less happy with his team on that Sunday morning than Gus was this time.

BB has made staff changes in midseason before, just not here. But not in late October either. I don’t expect a change in the staff at this late date. I would hope he honestly addresses what went wrong Saturday and takes the lion’s share of the blame himself.

You are correct, I worded that poorly and only refer to our 3 losses. There seems to be a concensus those are the three best in the SEC. Which is hardly a consolation to me. I would rather show the ability to beat a top dog in the sec than win all the other games. Consistency means nothing if it is consistent mediocrity. Let’s have a great win to our name before we worry about consistency or records. And I suppose that is where the hog fans are divided now, whether or not you believe we actually competed and showed any potential to beat the best of the sec. I do not. Against the Aggies we showed some life, but I am talking about winning, not showing up. We have lost what, 5 straight to them, right? That is not almost. That is definitive. We consistently got gashed by qb runs and consistently got stuffed on the goal line. Same goes double for bama and auburn games. Year four is not the time to take heart in moral victories like winning time of possession. I don’t see any hope for actually beating the best in the sec. A win vs Florida would only convince me that Florida doesn’t belong in the top 3 either. Still, curious what the rest of the fanbase thinks.

I agree with many that Paul Rhodes would probably take on more of a consulting DC role for the rest of the season.