Does Rob smith last to Monday?

The defense has no clue what they are doing, the tackling is terrible, and it seems like where lined up everywhere but the right place???

I would have to believe so.

I’ve never been a fan of mid-season sackings although Bielema did do that to former Arkansas OL coach Mike Markuson at Wisconsin 4 games into a season.

Its getting to that point dudley, something has to be changed, and I’m not a fan of midseason change, but a different voice may help some…

Not for a top SEC program with top expectations.

Sorry - tired of more than two decades of lesser recruiting and coaching excuses anymore.

This kind of showing is exactly what gets a coach fired. It surelooks like coaching to me. Running backs and qb’s scoring from 30-40 yds out without being touched

Wait…are you saying Arkansas is too sec team with top expectations? Since when? Arkansas has had maybe 6 really good seasons in the sec since joining. Maybe fans should temper expectations a little.

Wait…are you saying Arkansas fans should get used to losing? That we aren’t good and should just do away with our football team?

I think Smith should go and Rhoads should move into his spot.

I think just a different voice may help, put in Rhoads for the remainder of the season and then go get you a defensive guy, maybe someone like charlie strong, if he is available


Wait…are you saying Arkansas fans should get used to losing? That we aren’t good and should just do away with our football team?
[/quote]if the shoe fits

I think what makes us so upset right now as Arkansas fans was seeing the success CBP had in three years and looking at where we were headed. I completely agree with Long, though. The man should have been fired. But CBP showed Arkansas can in fact have huge success quickly. I’m a CBB fan. I have faith he’ll get us there, it will just take a little more time to create a dynasty.

I think it’s time for a defensive coordinator change, just don’t think Rob Smith can handle it.

I said this weeks ago and got my head decapitated. We’re always out of position, we’re slow, can’t tackle. Its pathetic and this is with 9 returning starters on defense. Something is bad wrong. Stop getting no names and go pay the money to go get you a real defensive coordinator who is gonna bring a attacking defense. Secondly, what the heck is going on with the online. Poor Austin has to run for his life the whole night.

Tonight was pathetic, the defense was misaligned all night long and missing tackles all night. A record was set tonight on the defense and at this rate some more will be set as well. Its time for smith to go,because tonight was very embarrassing from start of the clock till the last tick. That o-line is so bad, I believe that I can line up and beat the two guards and RT as we speak now…

It wasn’t what you said it was how you said it. No talent, no more wins, etc.

I agree with a lot of what you say but you tend to overstate things quite a bit.


Honest question–and I’ll preface it by saying I’m not one to question someone’s fandom because they gripe, but are you an Arkansas fan or just kind of a casual one that enjoys gigging people who really care or have the slightest bit of optimism.

I’m just wondering because I never see you post when we beat OM or thump LSU, etc.

But let us lose a game, whether it be a 1-point loss or a completely embarrassing pantsinf like tonight and you’re the first one in to brag about being right or posting something ridiculous like your “if the shoe fits” post.

I’ve come here and admitted I was wrong about the OL recruiting.

Ironically, it’s the one area that (in terms of stars) we have recruited with the big boys.

But, I was wrong. The OL recruiting hasn’t been good enough and if you’re gonna pride yourself on being OL U then that can’t happen.

Have you ever admitted you were wrong after any of our big wins? Have you ever enjoyed a win or been objective in terms of progress when it had been shown or competitiveness and wins against teams that supposedly have light years more talent than us?

I’m not sure I have seen it. I guess the giddiness people like you have after losses is confusing to me.

It seems pointless to follow a team and derive no joy from the good wins and lots of self righteous smugness when we get embarrassed. To each his own, I suppose.

Coach B says he has a background in Defense, might be his time to step in…

I think Smith is gone…it may not be this week but it’s coming. There have been lots of “read between the lines” comments from CBB, regardless of his coachspeak after last week’s win.

I’ve always thought the Rhoads hire was a security blanket type of deal and there was probably a wink and a nod that he would get the first shot should the need arise and it’s here.

The haters won’t like it. His Iowa State teams gave up lots of yards but he has been a Power 5 HC and a SEC DC and he has experience dealing with the types of offenses we see every week. He’s also a dynamic recruiter.

Many will argue (rightly?) that he’s already one of the guys shuffling the deck chairs on this defensive Titanic but sometimes things are different when you’re the guy making the calls and are a different overall voice for the defense.

Kevin Steele has had a long, up and down, mixed review career and been run out of some big gigs but he looks pretty good right now for AU.

More talent would help but as playa said, with 9 returning players (and I’ll add some instant impact newcomers) this defense and the scheme are inexplicable.

If you look at some of the social media stuff from players pre OM, it seems like there is some discontent from the players about the direction of the defense (particularly some of our few playmakers like Ramsey not getting enough run).

Can’t believe I am agreeing on the notion of letting a coach go mid-season…but I am. The defense seems on the verge of losing faith. That can’t happen. Make a move now. In the open date.


Well said but you understand that the person you are describing is one that will not only not respond but will likely ignore reading your post all together.