Does Randy Ramsey Exist?

Or is he a mythical creature created by coaches and sportswriters to give beleaguered Hog fans hope for a long sought pass rush. I have been hearing tales of this freakish mythical beast for years. Long, lean, fast and mean. A QB eater. Players talk about his exploits in practice, coaches say that only if he had more time he would rise to the top of NFL draft boards.He dominates pre-season talk and is always mentioned as the reason our Defense will be better and why we will finally have a pass rush. Then the season begins, and RR is like Big Foot. Sighted often, but never where it matters. On the field.

He has been battling a hamstring injury for most of the past four weeks. Anyone who has had one of those knows it can linger and is not easy to overcome.

Yes I’ve dealt with the issue myself, which is pretty amazing considering that I am hardly the finely tuned athlete that is usually associated with such an injury. I fear that his career will just be a few flashes of greatness sandwiched between long stretches of DNP.

Is it torn or pulled? Must be serious because he’s been out a month at least. Redshirt candidate if it’s more serious than previously told?.

What’s wrong with Billy Farrell the big tackle we signed I had high hopes for him and he never has hardly to step foot on the field to practice

does he have a red shirt season available because he would help us more next season this season is done done

Ramsey played in seven games as freshman in 2014, when his five year clock started. I guess Arkansas could request a waiver for a sixth year.

I seriously doubt the NCAA would approve a sixth year though.

Microfracture surgery. Will be lucky to ever see him play.

Where did it happen and how did it happen??that would be terrible if true and
he never gets to play because he was a big piece of the d-line for the future

Why would micro fracture surgery prevent full recovery and football participation

Chad Morris said Ramsey was in a green jersey at Sunday night’s practice. He hopes to have him back this weekend. That would be a big bonus for the defense should he be full-go. Also expects Dre Greenlaw to return.