Does Noland play this week?

If Storey stays healthy?

No, I don’t think so. Offense is much better with Storey. Noland needs to redshirt and develope IMO.

Noland could still play two more games this year and not lose the redshirt. I think there will probably be some opportunity to get him in the game for a few series two of these last four, unless Storey and the big fella go on a real tear down the stretch. If Storey gets hurt again Noland would be the presumptive starter.

I think the game situation dictates what happens this week. Winning the game is important with the bye-week coming up and a chance to have a good November. So while Vandy is the weakest of the last four opponents, it probably is going to take Storey being on the field for almost every possession to have a chance to win.

I think this is correct. Getting a win before the bye week is crucial. 2 weeks is a long time to mull over a defeat by a team we have good chance of beating.
Noland can get a lot of meaningfull reps during that 2 weeks.

I sure liked what I saw out of Noland last weekend. I like the arm strength, his legs, and the composure he demonstrated. I thought a couple of his passes were flat; when he learns how to properly put some air under the ball he could be deadly.

I like him as our #2, but he looks more like the type of QB this system needs than anyone else on our roster.

Much higher upside than other QB on the roster and not really close.

I think Connor has a much higher ceiling than Ty based on physical tools. The big gap between Ty and Connor right now is system knowledge and comfort with the speed of the college game.

I think the game slowed down for Ty quite a bit since Colorado State, and he certainly knows what he needs to do on the field. That makes him the choice right now.

Connor has got better physical tools than Ty, but it looked pretty obvious on Saturday that he’s still behind Ty on the mental side of the offense. Learning to read college defenses takes time. Connor does appear to have some ability to improvise, which should be helpful in his development.

If Storey plays well and stays healthy, I expect he’ll take most of the snaps this week, with the exception of short yardage situations when Cole Kelley will enter. I do not expect Connor Noland to play unless Storey is hurt. Storey is far advanced over Noland at this point and is the better option. If the game gets out of hand one way or the other, maybe Noland would play. He’s going to probably just play four games this season, unless Storey is completely ruled out for the remainder of the season with some type of injury.