Does new end zone “hole” look like we ran out of money?

Let the beating begin.

Love bowling in the new end zone and it looks incredibly top notch and like a professional stadium.

Amazing step up for a program that wants national respect.

And I get how it was a thing some time ago that some would look in on a game from a hill, and potential cool thing.

But from tv and national audience perspective and image of program, who together with some of our own fan base may not understand, could it perhaps look like we ran out of money and didn’t finish the beautiful new addition?

Love the old times and want to honor, and it’s an interesting archeticual thought, but can’t help but wonder if it means enough to otherwise appear that the addition ran out of money.

I would love to see it completely enclosed and consistent like other large stadiums.

But that may be just me.

Let the beatings begin.

I think people obsess about this way too much. Patriots have a gap. Think they ran out of money? Eagles have multiple gaps. Ditto.

The Linc. Note the people on the plaza at top left, very much what we have in our “hole”:

Anybody who thinks we ran out of money also thinks we don’t wear shoes and date our sisters.

The “hole” is perfect. It doesn’t need explaining, but it might have been nice if the SEC Network had spent a little more time showing the addition that one of its schools built. There was a short feature early, but nothing about the “hole” or the Razorback monument.

No. It does not look like we ran out of money.

Besides, the camera view from the SE corner of the stadium looking back toward the north & NW showed a big time stadium. RRS looks good. Wish we had more people sitting in it today, but the stadium looked good.