Does Muss like a full court press?

Our roster seems made up of a lot of scrappy guard/small forward types that seem tailor made for an old time Arkansas press.

With few real inside bangers on our roster, I wonder if our quickness and physical type 1-3 spot players make this more of a pressing team.

Not full game but when makes sense to turn up the heat against larger lumbering teams like a Missouri for instance.

We didn’t press at all last year (unless behind at the end of the game), probably because of depth. This year we have done some zone trap presses that have at least slowed teams from getting into their half-court sets. That might be a good strategy for Mizzou, who looks like they struggle in the half court.

A full court press by your defense just takes so much energy from a player. It is not something a player wants to do, except if you have to do it. A full time diet of pressing will hurt a coach and a team in recruiting, I believe.

John Wooden at UCLA used the full court zone press most of the time. Of course, he had a stable of great players, so he could do just about anything he wanted. Today’s players are so NBA driven, I just don’t know if that strategy would fly anymore.

He seems to be using it more this year and I would guess because he has the players with which to do it. The is always at least token pressure on the ball coming down. That in itself can wear on a player. I don’t know if we will see much of the trapping, all out press unless it is needed when behind or every once in a great while as a surprise.

I believe Muss likes whatever defense best gives his teams a chance to win the game.

He has stated in his press conferences his purposes of pressing in the backcourt is to switch who brings the ball up the court. He wants certain players to not have the ball in their hands to add time for them to start their offense. It’s purposes isn’t so much about turnovers.

CEM tried to take away the other teams most effective shooter. He normal
Has a plan to keep the opponent from knocking down 3’s!
In the next game I hope we see better 3 point defense. Missouri normally shoots free throws at a good clip but against Tennessee they struggled.
The hogs just need to be able to weather those scoring droughts.

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