Does MM minutes affect his production?


Thinking out loud…

It appears MM plays more minutes than any other teammate. Often playing the entire game. I wonder if this impairs his efficiency and production at the end of the game? For example, what is MM’s production by game quarters? Is it consistent throughout or dips in the fourth quarter of the game?

It would be nice if any of the Press could ask CEM on his philosophy of playing MM with minimal rest. Apparently CEM has no problems with it. I wonder if MM would have a greater impact at the end of the game if he enjoyed a few minutes of rest. Most especially in the second half.


It’s easy to understand why our coach would want MM on the court for every play of a game.

Moody is averaging 32 minutes/game and vs. Kentucky played 29 minutes. Plus he gets halftime rest. All the top players in the country play a lot of minutes. Plus, Moody is a spot up shooter and a right handed driver. He isn’t a creator with the ball (at least not now). He does a great job on the boards and on defense, in addition to running the floor well. Tate played 37 minutes vs. Kentucky. Great players just play a lot of minutes! He is a great all around player, but not a creator of points.

Of course it affects Moody playing so many minutes. But he is the best we have. And talent around him is not as great as everyone thinks. There is a big drop off when he is off the floor. In tight games you want your best 5 on the floor and Moody is best of the best.

In fact, Moody played less at Kentucky because he had to sit out in the first half after collecting 2 fouls.

I had a lot of concerns about Muss’s rotation philosophy prior to the season. But from what I have seen this season, that is no longer an issue. He is playing everyone except Henderson. Including the freshmen. He has done a very good job of bringing Willians and Davis along.

I really don’t think his minutes are extreme in this system. He appears fresh at the end of games. I would not want him playing less minutes. I’ve seen Musselman asked about playing time numbers and he said NBA and top college players can handle 35 minutes or more. Plenty of timeouts, especially late in games.

He is a fine all around player. He is smart and knows how to play the game. I wish he would demand the ball and be more assertive in scoring. He doesn’t shoot enough, in my view. This is just his personality, I guess…an anti-ball-hog.

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He is very unselfish. He should shoot more, good things happen when he gets in the game flow.

He is a joy to watch. He is just getting started, too. I feel that way about Devo and Jaylin, too. All three are terrific and just getting started.

Moody has never been a take charge guy. I am afraid he will be gone before he learns that. On the other hand, Davis has been a take charge guy most of his high school career. And you can see him already doing that here.

It is hard to be that, if you have never done it before.

I know MM is projected as a top-10 draft pick, but I have a hard time seeing that.

I love MM, beautiful shot, surprisingly good defense and rebounding, lets the game come to him, looks so mature and natural.

But he cannot create off the dribble and cannot finish in traffic consistently.

Sharif Cooper looks like an NBA player right now. that 23 kid for kentucky looks like an NBA player, LSU has a couple. Cade Cunningham, yikes he’s good.

as much as I love MM, he doesn’t look as NBA ready to me right now, as Mase did last year, and Mase wasn’t drafted. IJoe was barely drafted.

It’s odd to me that a good player on a good college team, who is NOT the go-to guy at end of game, is a top 10 NBA draft pick.

What am I missing? Maybe I’m just wanting another year with MM?


You know I am a big Moses fan. But I am too puzzled as to why Moses is a lottery pick and Isaiah Joe was not a first round pick. I don’t know if there were more and better shooting guards in the 2020 draft than what is projected for 2021 draft.


I’m a big MM fan. Thrilled he is representing our State. My mind plays ping pong when thinking about MM. My initial serve is wish he would dominate the game more often and try to find reasons why that’s not happening. The return serve tells myself he’s only a freshman. But then the next shot, my mind responds MM is supposedly a Lottery Draft Pick. It’s just doesn’t make any sense to me. If he’s a lottery pick, why not dominate the game? Well, perhaps he is playing too many minutes. But that doesn’t appear to be the reason. Then perhaps its his personality to just allow the game to come to him and not dominate. He can shoot the three, has a good mid-range jumper, has the size and plays good D. But is he truly a Lottery Pick as a freshman? If yes, why is he not dominating more often?


NBA drafts as much on potential as on proven ability. No way anybody thought some kid from Lower Merion High School was going to be as good as he became, but the Lakers thought that Kobe Bryant was also going to develop nicely from what he showed playing for the LMHS Aces. And boy, did he. Even #1 overall picks sometimes are based on potential rather than what they’ve already done.

Superb reasoning. You surprise me often. That’s on me.

Aloha Jeff,

Totally understand. However, my “expectations” of a freshman lottery pick is to be able to take over a game. This is no slam on MM. He’s not self-appointing himself a lottery pick. It’s outside media which is crowning him as a lottery pick. It’s unfair to MM. Once an athlete is crowned to be a lottery pick, It’s only natural for expectations to go up a few notches.

I’m thrilled with his game as a freshman. Wish he could stay with CEM and his staff a couple more years and be better prepared for the NBA.

I wonder if given the chance, if the Triplets would have gone pro before their senior years. Would any of them been a freshman lottery pick? Sidney Moncrief greatly improved his game from his freshman year to this senior year. He didn’t dominate a game as a freshman but surely did as a senior.

I wish circumstances would allow MM the same opportunity as Sidney enjoyed. Time to develop his game to the point he would become an AA and dominate games.


Wouldn’t it be great if he decided to return for another year.
About a 1% chance.

They had the chance. The NBA initiated early entry in 1976, which was after Sid’s freshman year and Marvin/Boot’s sophomore year. Not many people took advantage but the opportunity was there. Before 1976, players could enter the NBA early if they declared financial hardship, but the 1976 rule change removed “hardship cases”.

Two high school kids skipped college in 1975 to enter the draft, Darryl Dawkins and Bill Willoughby. The next high school kid to do so was Kevin Garnett, who declared for the draft thinking he would not have been eligible to play in college (he was wrong but it was too late). That was 1995. The next year was K.B. Bryant. And of course we lost signee Al Jefferson in 2004.

Moses Malone went from HS to NBA (ABA) in 1974 before any I believe.

Correct, Malone was the first but that was the ABA and thus not under NBA rules.

One of the greatest things about Moody as a freshman is he doesn’t get in the way (see Jimmy Dykes thread).

Did I mention he doesn’t get in the way?

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