Does Mike Stoops out as OU DC help AR recruiting?

Breaking news story that he’s out after the TX loss. Does a DC change there help Catalon choose…? Any flip potential of an OU defense commit? Woodi Washington? Seemed he enjoyed his OV with us and has a good relationship with Mark Smith according to articles earlier this year. The Murfreesboro TN connection seems pretty strong too with Otey and Knox. Just musing.

It certainly doesn’t hurt with Catalon, but I tend to worry more about Texas in the race for his signature.

Unless OU implodes, I don’t see it having much impact on the Sooners’ current commits.

Unless he was the lead recruiter for a kid, I doubt it will have much of an impact.

Seldom is a coordinator a lead guy unless it’s an OC for a QB.

Shawn-Michael Flanigan seemed to be bothered by the lack of a DC, but I learn later he was likely going to OSU regardless.

The head coach can pretty much tell a recruit what he’s looking for in a DC and often the DC is going to have a similar philosophy as the HC.

Catalon was at the Bama game and saw that we desperately need CB/S help. Not sure he has sprinter speed, but seems to have a good burst.