Does Mark Richt Love The U?

I know he played there, and he is winning there now. Still, it is a place that doesn’t really seem to be in sync with his values. I’ve always really liked him as a person and thought that he was a very solid coach. Maybe not an elite HC, but pretty darn good. We’ve done worse before. Several times. Any chance that could happen?

I don’t see it happening. I suspect there’d be a pretty heavy buyout even if there were no other factors.

What he said. :slight_smile:

He’s happy at the U and he won’t leave. Just my opinion

The ACC coaches who are most likely to jump ship are Venables, the DC at Clemson, and He Who May Not Be Named at Louisville.

Venables, if he ever wants to be a head coach, is near the top of his value.

BP is probably losing his Heisman Trophy QB after this year, he’s already lost the AD who hired him, and Louisville is probably losing ground to Miami and Virginia Tech, with Clemson obviously being better. The defensive talent stockpiled by Charlie Strong is about gone, and there is no indication that their defense is going to get much better going forward. So maybe he gets the itch to move along.

cue “Dream On”

He’s not leaving the U for Arkansas and the state of its program… We have to get an up an coming guy, we’re not getting a big name guy like that this time around