Does Landon Jackson

Bulk up and move inside this year? He’s got height to add bulk without affecting quickness, and it appears we are heading towards a 4-3 D front so we need interior bodies.

Ha! I just asked Richard about this in another thread. Jackson played some at DT in the bowl game.

I think he started last year at about 270 but supposedly had a hard time keeping weight up. Hopefully our new strength and conditioning staff can do a better job of keeping weight on these guys. I’m not sure he will bulk up and go down inside but that is a possibility

When I talked to his mom for a feature early in the season, she said for the longest that he’s had a tough time keeping weight on. I expect him to stay on the edge. At 6-7 with long arms, I think he’s got a good frame for end. He can run pretty well, too.

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Sounds like Zach Williams. Zach has to eat all the time to maintain weight.

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I think there are definite times players are forced to bulk up beyond a “natural” weight…nothing wrong with adding muscle and good weight, but just because a player can bulk up to play a different position does not always mean he should.


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