Does Kurt Anderson exist?

Not sure if he is a real person. Maybe just a fat head in the film room. Sincerely do we actually have an OL coach or are the players coaching themselves?

I see him just standing around sometimes. That’s about it.

LT and LG got destroyed on the goal line

Only in his own mind & Bielema’s

he is indeed a real person.

May not be the coach you want or need, but he is a real person.

Ironically, he sits down during interviews most times like Sam Pittman. Both have bad feet.

Is it possible Pittman is available after this season? If so, is it possible CBB would consider his return?

No and likely no.

That ship has sailed and why I think he is a great O-line coach, part of this O-line meltdown is on his recruiting late.

It was great early, but wasn’t late.

Kinda funny how people forget that! Kinda like Petrino recruiting was going down also!

Agree. Petrino got lucky with timing of some strong instate players that were already committed (not signed) before he was hired aided by the transfer of Mallet. Petrino really didn’t recruit all that well. I seem to recall the coaching 3 stars up coach speak during his tenure