Does Kopps talk little smack to hitters?

I was wondering because you always see from behind his back but I noticed when he struck out babe Ruth there in the 9th the big boy started staring out at Kopps and it look like Kopps head was bobbing and say something but I really couldn’t tell cuz camera behind him…

Why not if a batter gonna glare at ya after striking out in the 9th inning. Why not tell him to g sit down like a good little boy


I don’t think that’s Kopps’ style. I think what you saw was probably him communicating with Opitz. As Matt Hobbs told me the other day, they have great chemistry and communication when they are working together.

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Yeah just watched it again and Kopps head didn’t move until after big boy glared at him. Just looked like he bobbed his head but couldn’t see his face

I was wondering the same thing youdaman. Ole Babe sure gave Kopps the stink eye. Bubba was all over Babe on the radio broadcast. In one of the games with the Husker’s Bubba said our pitcher should give one of the batters (who apparently was talking trash) a 94 MPH fastball in the ribs. I just love Bubba and Phil. They are ever entertaining.


Ok when I looked at it again I think that’s what he was doing… Kevin is a class act, I agree I don’t think he would stoop to that,it’s not like he hasn’t done it all year long

Too funny! Yeah I would love to listen to the game too but I’m afraid I would know what happened before it happens, that frustrates me

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Baby Ruth…


Indeed! Carved him up into Reece’s Pieces lol

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I love listening to Phil and Bubba and their banter.

I’ve actually gotten used to hearing what happens several seconds before I see it on TV. Makes it easier to make sure I’m watching and don’t miss it, I guess.

I was a bit taken aback watching Friday’s game at the ballpark for a moment because I was seeing what happened first and then hearing it a second or two later on the radio.

When the games are on Directv, and not ESPN3, I like to pause the tv and sync it to the Broadcast on tuneIn radio. Of course it puts you 15-20 seconds behind real time. So you have to warn your friends not to text.

That said, I am one of those people that likes to believe in the “butterfly effect”, so when the games are close and in late moments I usually revert to real time. So I can believe I am somehow “helping” my team!

Thankfully last night I was still synced with the radio, and I heard Phil and Bubba the whole night. Which for this 58-year old that hasn’t lived in Arkansas full-time since 1986, still seems like a miracle. I remember being in the doctoral program at LSU, and every Saturday in football season I would leave my bride at home (she usually had concerts those nights anyway as a violinist) and DRIVE TO SHREVEPORT to get radio reception. I still can see the McDonalds I used to pull into to sit in the car and listen.



Sounds like my Wife’s boss, he would drive down to Bella Vista from Springfield to listen to Basketball games in the mid 90s


In 1979, we had just moved from Little Rock to Roanoke, Virginia. The Arkansas/Texas game was only regionally televised and no way was I getting that game in Roanoke. My wife and I drove into Tennessee near Knoxville and found a gas station that would let us plug an extension cord into one of their outdoor outlets. We had a little TV with rabbit ear antennas and watched the whole game in our car. We won 17-14 so it was well worth the trouble.


Lots of driving somewhere to listen to the games. When I was in pharmacy school in Monroe, LA, I would drive north to either Hamburg or Crosset, pick up a Gazette and a Democrat, get a cheeseburger, and then set up camp at a rest stop on the highway. No telling how many games I listened to out there in the piney woods.


Growing up in El Paso, Texas in the 1960’s, the best Dad and I could do was to take my transistor radio outside and see if we could pick up a random broadcast in the evening sky. Some of the games - against SWC foes - were carried live over local El Paso stations. But for the non-conference games, we’d have to go outside and “fish” for the game. Sometimes we’d get it, sometimes we wouldn’t. Even when we did, it would come and go.

Probably sounds third-world to younger folks today, but it’s the world we knew and it was still exciting when we’d be able to hear the game. I vividly remember in 1968 catching the season opener against Oklahoma State and being mortified when we found out OSU was ahead 14-0 (I believe). We had a sophomore QB (freshmen could not play in those days) named Bill Montgomery who had been signed to great fanfare. He and Chuck Dicus (future All America WR) started hooking up and we won going away - something like 38-20. But that is a precious memory of me and my late father.

Also remember in 1975 when - similar to one of the stories above - Arkansas was hosting Texas for the “big game” of the season. El Paso frequently did NOT get SWC games when there were regional broadcasts (I guess the big cigars in NY thought the locals would be more interested in Colorado State vs. Wyoming). So, Dad and I drove about 2 hours (120 miles) to a desolate place called Van Horn, Texas and rented a motel room to watch the game. Great thing about that is that we got the extra 4 hours of road time to just talk to each other…about the game and other things. Another precious memory.


I listened to the Hogs beat Texas in Iraqi. On a radio that you wouldn’t ever believe could pick up the signal. AN old commo dog I worked with tuned the game in! What I’ve learned is when you want to listen you can find a way!


Back in the mid-70’s, my Razorback-loving neighbor Johnny and I used to climb up a ladder onto the roof of my house in Mesquite, Texas (Dallas suburb) with a transistor radio to pick up the Arkansas games (faintly and intermittently) on an AM station out of Little Rock. That’s the only way we could listen to the games. Worked great till one time Johnny managed to tip the ladder off the roof and we had to wait till my wife got home to help us get down (no cell phones to call for help in those days). Hard to believe now that I/we did that, but we did. Crazy…


We had a corner of the house that AM radio would reach back in the Holtz/Sutton era. Tulsa radio was weak to our house but it was covered at the time, then nighttime would find the clear channel monster stations firing up their signal and we’d listen to Ft. Smith or Little Rock stations. Got to hear LSU games that way, but I didn’t care :slight_smile:

As for the batter - I think it was more respect than anything, trying to figure out how to hit it. It doesn’t look that difficult, but it is. Contrast the Vandy hitters who just smirked/laughed and shook their head.


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