Does Kelly Bryant win that game for us?

Love Storey. I know he has moxy.

Their QB killed us. Win that game with Bryant?


Storey and Boyd do.

We win that game with Storey…

Not if you never throw the ball.this OL nowhere near good enough to take over a game.

It took around 5 passing plays for Cole Kelley to show why he’s not playing. the drives after Storey went out we had a QB handicap and it hurt.

Ty, Devwah and Rakeem being out is what stalled the offense. Simple as that.

No defense, same ole story we can never rally & get a defensive stop late in a game. Geeze, They drove it down our throat from their own 3 yard line late.
33 points is enough points to win.

They scored sevens in the second half while we scored threes. If we’d scored two sevens instead of the two threes, we wouldn’t be playing the “if” game.

My take is that Kelley doesn’t know the plays as well as Storey, so they called plays that he was familiar with. Even without Boyd and Whaley, short passes would have moved the ball enough to get that last first down before we had to punt. We just needed to run out a couple of minutes of clock.

Who cares? Let’s talk about our players.

Lots of things could have won that game for us. Losing Boyd and Storey hurt the most. There is one play that I just have to mention. It was Arkansas’ great kickoff return at the end of the game. Number 54, I don’t know if it was Capps or Collins since Arkansas lets so many players use the same number (I hate it), continued to block a defensive guy five or six yards out of bounds. He got and deserved a penalty. That negated a great return and earned my award for the stupidest play of the game.

walk on redshirt sophomore linebacker Terrell Collins from St. Louis, Mo.

Penalty hurt, but I can live with aggression.

Storey, Boyd or Whaley finish the game.

I also thought they got away from CJ O’Grady, who has been a plus the last few weeks.