Does John White know he destroyed hawgball?

I am not sure he has a clue. His meddling is reminiscent of a Vietnam politicians. Destroyed men’s and women’s basketball for 20 years. What would lift the curse? Sweet 16?

Johnny White may be the worst thing to happen to the Razorback athletic program EVER!

In Men’s basketball the curse is over. MA is getting in done. Sweet 16 this year and next year !

No he is the 2nd most and watching MA leave was the absolute worse thing to ever happen. I am proud he came home and hope he is able to stay until he retires.

While I hope you are right about Sweet 16, I think I know a LOT of people who would like to have some of what you are smoking! :smiley:

No, I’m not saying to basketball. I am saying he was the worst thing to happen to the ENTIRE Razorback athletic program!

You absolutely slay me.

I know John and saw him just the other day. He’s keenly aware of the opinions that Arkansas fans have of him. I think it’s a big reason he keeps such a low profile.

Comments: My does White deserve all of the credit to the destruction of one of the best basketball program of the nineties? You’ve omitted the name of the main character included in CNR law suit the infamous, diabolical Frank Boyles. It was Boyles that masterminded this whole mess, what he didn’t anticipate CNR fighting back, I guess Boyles thought Nolan would go quietly away in the night. You don’t become a twice selected HOF and not be a fighter, period. So he sunk even lower and black ball him from coaching…White just back his play.

Comments: I’m sure you think you represent a lot of people that identifies with your thinking. Listen, Mike is not Nolan there is not another Nolan anywhere period. However Mike will work his butt off for this program with his high character and passion for his players. I believe this group will play hard and execute through the remaining games and the chips will fall accordingly. I’ve shared this many times previously this 2016 team will be the measuring stick that all future Anderson team will be compared to, that means they will run deep into the tournament.

We need more of this on this board. I wish I could remember all of the double talk and had the time to go back and find it. My gosh, thank you for finding this.

Please read my comments. I said to the entire athletic PROGRAM. I’m not going to debate the CNR situation over. But look and see what Johnny did to the ladies basketball program what was flourishing under Gary Blair, the handling of the post CNR hire (Coach Bill Self), the Houston Nutt hire (Coach Tommy Tuberville), and everything else that happened.

A rat during the Bubonic plague had more friends…


I don’'t think I represent anyone. I promise you I hope we make a run DEEP into the NCAAT. Do I think it is likely? No. Hope it happens? Yes. (and my fault, I wasn’t clear that I was talking about this year, wasn’t talking about next year, since the OP did say “this year and next year.”

My post wan’t in any way any type of attack on Anderson.

John White And 3 million dollar golden handcuffs.

The past is over. Can anyone here change that?
But I have not forgot the demand that Bill Self to come down for a interview. Bill knew he couldn’t just jump on a plane and not be noticed. Coach Self is from Tulsa area (Okmulgee) and his wife Cindy has NWA ties. They were VERY interested.
Anyone is welcome to correct me on this and to add insult to injury Mr. White still works and is on the payroll to the tune of something close to 450,000 bucks.

Fast forward to the present and Mike is getting the job done. It’s what we have waited for a Long time.