Does Jim Harris have any real inside info

I saw him on Channel 11 (CBS in LR) and he mentioned something too the effect of “he was sure that Chancellor Steinmetz didn’t want Chad fired and he thought HY didn’t either”. Would he really have any contact with Steinmetz, or is he just throwing that against the wall to see if it sticks? I’ve never seen him on TV before.

I hadn’t even thought about Steinmetz, but he certainly bears some of the responsibility for Chad being hired as he appointed the girl that was asst AD (forget her name) to do the search.

Two people have said that about the chancellor. I haven’t heard the same with Hunter.

I just HOPE Yuracheck and the BOTs don’t agree with him. If they do, we are in trouble. We might as well to shut the program down, because if he stays Razorback stadium will be almost empty next year, worse than it was yesterday.

I heard of hog fans thinking who they were going to root for yesterday. Do you want Storey to win or the hogs? This is a new low. How do we fire a chancellor too?

No. Jim doesn’t know more than he guys on here.

Chancellor White got fired for meddling too much in the athletic Dept. I guess you’d say demoted. He stayed on as a tenured professor.

Steinmetz should have been sent out the door with Long and Beliema.

I’m pretty sure that is a courtesy afforded to every outgoing chancellor.