Does it get any

better next year?

If we can find a better qb, yes.

I think it rides pretty heavy on that.

TN has passed us big time with the same talent shortage, can OM and MsSt fall? Vandy is better everywhere except QB. Mizzou has been doing more with less than we have. Better does mean one win, so somewhere we should find one. Aubbie could blow up, but will probably wipe us out that time of the year. I do and did think we could beat OM, so we are moving on up literally.

Very wrong. TN is much more talented than we are.

Are the as talented as some SEC schools? No, but much, much more talented than we are.

Vandy is also more talented.

You have to understand how horrible of a job Bret did recruiting and developing, the evidence has been on display for 3 years.

Same with Missouri.

We are the least talented SEC team, it’s by a solid margin too.

a little but we are so overmatched at so many positions its part of this team is SEC caliber ,we are bringing in lot of good players but they will be freshman and this league chews them up and they won’t know the system so we will have to walk with them before we can run with them… its just really sad.

Lol just a better QB?
Gonna take a lot more than a QB from what Im seeing.

We need a complete talent upgrade dramatically everywhere.


I don’t care if you plug in Brett Farve at QB, with this current set of
WR’s and Oline he would fail too.

I get that Ty doesn’t measure up, but you have to admit, he would
most likely be serviceable with better oline and WRs. He is taking a
pounding every single game with little help.

MSU finishes last in West next year… heard it here first.

I could never imagine Arkansas having less talent than Iowa State, but we have reached that point in our program. WE are now the Kansas of college football.

Moo U should never finish above the hogs.
This season is miserable but it’s not as miserable as the John L Smith year!
Next year will be better! Without some of the uncoachable and undisciplined players that will move on. when they did get in position to make a play failed to wrap up or just simply got ran over. How could it get any worse!
I’d rather see freshmen get chewed up and make mistakes as see the same players get chewed up for 4 years!

Army, I agree. The comeback starts next year. A lot of freshmen will start…

It all will change when we have a O-Line, our D-line would be better but we chose to rob Peter to pay Paul so to speak. Do not see anyway that next year will be any better than the one we are experiencing right now, believe it or not we lose to much and will be replaced by inexperienced youth. Sure hope I’m wrong and I know we have a good recruiting class committed but so does many other Sec west programs. CCM needs all the support he can get and I believe he may have the toughest job in football for the simple reason of the conference that we play in and the lack of Sec type talent in Arkansas. If we can ever get things going our way it makes it easier to recruit talent when you showing a big upward swing,but that’s not where we’re at yet. Need a win next week in the worst way, if Locke keeps his uniform clean it will be a long, long day for the Hogs. WPS

Those freshmen with talent and speed may make mistakes but they will learn. There’s no where to go from the bottom but up! It won’t take much to get back to the middle where we used to be. The key is to progress up into the top where at least you can compete with Auburn and LSU. It will take devine intervention to compete with Bama or players that want to beat Bama bad enough to sign with the hogs over signing with Bama.

I think some players leaving the program via graduation or basically being waived will help - not hurt.

This - starting with Pulley and hopefully Curl. That’s the biggest crock of excrement I’ve heard in a long time. Selfish, self absorbed clowns. Loser mentality on display for all to see. Kudos to DJ Williams for asking the question. As a former Razorback great I’m sure he’s pissed beyond belief.

I believe that Curl needs to be punished, but not kicked off.

That would be over-reacting just to make a statement and not fair when others have done worse things and were allowed to stay.

He’s a good kid. Just made a mistake and deserves to pay for it, but not by being kicked out of the program.

What would be an appropriate punishment. If he’s on the field at Columbia it will be very disappointing and tell me the inmates run the asylum.

I’m surprised it was Curl. He’s a good kid. Comes from good stock. Greg Curl coach who knows a lot of people and has brought his kid up the right way.

I don’t think he should be kicked off. Maybe suspended for a game or something. It’s just a horrible look.

Pulley’s smack talk to game production ratio is way off. He needs a good look in the mirror but he doesn’t seem to get it.

The one guy who we are told does all the right things and tries to be a leader—Santos—can’t play.

Greenlaw leads by example but seems to be a quiet guy. He said he saw them talking to the cheerleaders, etc. We need a guy who sees that and fixes it. We don’t seem to have much leadership at all.

I probably would not play either for some or all at Missouri, but I don’t think it is the easiest question to answer and don’t think it is a black and white deal.

You have to balance it with who you have to fill their positions, depth, redshirt questions and so forth.

Being a leader is not something you do to just please the fans