Does Hunter

Instantly take over the coaching search?

Certainly will be an important player unless the decision has already been made. This makes me think it might be Kiffin.

I guarantee he becomes a candidate. Which is good. A guy like Kiffin would maximize Arkansas recruiting potential.

If Kiffin becomes a serious candidate I will not post all my negative feelings about him (ala some did re. a recent past candidate), but I will definitely harbor the thoughts.

I hope we get kiffin.

I’ll follow your lead on this & do the same thing.

It should be noted that while Kiffin appears to have been a candidate at Houston, he wasn’t ultimately hired. That might be a good indicator of his chances on the Hill.

Instead, Houston hired Applewhite, with a history of fooling around with a student trainer while he was an assistant at EOE-A. And they picked him over Kiffin. Suggests to me that LK wasn’t considered all that strongly.

It was the buyout that Kiffin wanted that did him in. U Houston’s buyout went both ways, ie the new coach would be severely punished financially if he departed for another job while still under contract. As U Houston stated at the time, the buy out is no problem because if it is that person will not be the coach.