Does he survive a 2 or 3 win season

Can you survive back to back 2 or 3 win seasons?

Going to be tough but I sent see to many people wanting this job! Were going to be bad for a long time… SMH

He might. Who knows. This could very well be a several year process grant. A SEC win this year is looking sketchy though.

Yes, this team will win and die on Starkel’s arm. He will improve the more he plays

An “SEC win this year is looking sketchy” – what an understatement. How about when pigs fly! What a pathetic effort by this coaching staff. We can only hope CCM is fired sooner than later. He is simply in over his head.

Probably safe this year, but next anybody’s guess. One thing for sure Chavis needs to go at end of season.

I think he’s safe this year. As long as he continues to show progress, he’ll stay.

What I saw today was not progress!!!

I tend to think the answer is no and especially so if several of the losses are brutal which I expect many to be. A couple of thoughts:

HY did not hire him

HY said before the season it was a must that this team show significant improvement

HY is not afraid to make a tough, bold call as we saw with his cutting ties with Anderson.

I’m not saying I am on board with it, but I don’t think Morris is the coach in 2020 if they go 0-8 again.

That’s my only solace, that HY is observant and logical, and he will do what needs to be done.

What if what needs to be done is nothing?

If we fire CCM at the end of this season, that means we would be paying the salaries of 2 former coaches plus the salary the new one. Not fiscally responsible and not good for the programs stability. As painful as it is, we need to give CCM a bit more time to clean up the mess he inherited. Not forever, but at least one more season.

What former coaches would they be paying?

Not paying Bielema - settlement coming ?
Not paying Long
Not paying Anderson
Did not have to pay Bobby

that is my point, I am not saying anything needs to be done, but if the means does not produce the end you are looking for, the time will come. I think the whole staff needs counseling, did you see them last night? Morris looked to be in a panic during the half time interview and Chavis was covering his head like an ostrich trying to hide.

Chavis was doing what? Covering his head - you mean like somebody doing a perp walk? I hope you are kidding.

oh no, there was a camer shot after San Jose went up 24-7, he covered his head with his arms in a fit of frustration.

I tend to agree with all of this. I think how he recruits is a factor. But stepping back, I just don’t see how an AD could let 0-8 back to back survive. That’s just bad!

I think he’s safe. And I think you are giving HY to much credit.

I disagree - 0-8 part two will equal dismissal. You can’t sell that to a fanbase and donors already impatient given the last decade of ineptitude.

If we fire CCM and we are still paying tons of fun until a settlement is reached.