Does Gus realize

what a hornet’s nest he will walk into at Arkansas?

Right or wrong, there are LOTS of people that flat out don’t like him, and it’s not just the Nutt people.

The Arkansas media bows down to him. He knows that.

However, if he’s tired of an Auburn fan base that doesn’t appreciate him, he might might be surprised at the attitudes of many Hog Fans.

Disclaimer: I’m definitely not a Gus fan. If he’s our next coach however, I’ve decided to support the program and keep my mouth shut about Gus.

I think most Hog fans don’t care any more about past happenings and, should he come, would get behind him 100%. Now, if it was Nutt, your premise would be correct.

Pretty certain he does know it would be tought. Don’t believe it will happen. From what I have been told by those that know him they said the reason he would come back and endure that stuff is he simply wants to come “home”. He considers Arkansas, specifically Fort Smith home. Will he come “home” as a football coach…I personally doubt it but I do believe at some point he will come back.

I’m not sure Gus wants to coach at AR. As Clay mentioned, he may want to get away from Alabama and the West.

I don’t agree with you on this. I think there are already people in central Arkansas worried about the NWA crowd and this would make it worse. At the first sign of trouble, Gus’ seat would be hotter than anything he’s ever felt on the plains.

They may be a few in the media who like him and know him.

But bow down? Get out of here with that.

I got a good laugh out of the first part of your statement.

The vast majority of us fans don’t care who the coach is if he can win and do it the right way. I think Coach Bielema tried to do it the right way…he just could not win.

If Gus comes and wins, the stands will be full, regardless of the anti group. I haven’t been a fan of his but we all have our warts.

I’ve learned that as much as I think I am, I am not necessarily “the average fan” when it comes to my thoughts, so, what I think probably doesn’t matter.

But my feelings actually reflect what Bob said. I don’t like Gus, don’t like the things that went down back in the day, I hope he isn’t coming. That said, if he is the next coach I will support him. I will put that past behind and move on.

But could someone refresh my memory why some don’t like Gus. I remember he was hired to bring in Springdale five but was never given full control of offense. Nutt was ridiculed at time for hiring HS coach to be OC.

The Hogs have rabid fans but after living in Bama years ago, our fan base is relatively tame. Auburn has the biggest inferiority complex in college football living in Bama’s shadow. Regardless of a coaches’ record at Auburn he better be beating Bama on a regular basis or the pressure to perform is at the highest level every day of the year. Gus is living in a no win situation unless he figures out a way to beat Bama most of the time and there is not an ounce of compromise from the fans or administration.

Arkansas’ hornet’s nest is nothing compared to the snake pit at Auburn. This is the place where boosters interview successors for football coach before there’s an opening. If (and that’s a big if) he wants out, it would have a lot to do with the Auburn athletic culture. It’s toxic. Ask Terry Bowden, Tommy Tuberville and Gene Chizik.

JMO, but with the basketball team being investigated, the history of AUB cheating, I think he is looking for a way out. He may or may not know, but I bet he suspects. Between 14-16 the football team reported “minor” violations involving assistants and recruits (sound familiar?). With the FBI looking instead of the NCAA, I bet several AUB coaches are looking for a way out. I believe that’s why we are hearing all the “even if he wins” the Iron Bowl and SECCG he’s still coming

Now for the individual that keeps saying don’t throw accusations out without proof, the football teams violations between 14-16 is reported by AUBURN.

Gus was and is divisive. He stirred up drama the whole year he was here! Gus’s ego is bigger most 3rd world countries. Compare his record to CBB’s and you may realize we may be getting a hand picked pon that the Springdale group wants and in just a few more years we’ll go through this rodeo again. If there was ever a time to compare apples to apples this is it!
Change coaches to go from CBB to Gus and Gus fails the smell test. Do a little research for yourself. Gus thinks he can go to the hill and his job will be safe no matter what he does. When he goes and duplicates CBB’s record at least we will be sending one of our own down the road.
I can think of a lot of better people, coaches and mentors for our hogs! Once someone abuses thier position with my hogs like Gus did I have no use for them ever and there’s a lot of people that feel the same way I do. If you owed a business would you hire a coward that dodged the draft? It’s the same principle.
Gus has earned no respect as a person or as a coach from me or my family. Gus needs to take a class on ethics and personal conduct and put it to use in his life.
Nutt should have never hired Gus. Gus will still be in a high school somewhere continuing to Feed his ego and being loyal to himself. There are zero’s in this life and Gus is one of them!

Army, I fear you are 100% on target.