Does Flagrant 2 foul & ejection mean Moses..........

…has to sit out any of the next game? Just curious.

No, he will be able to play in the NCAA game.

Tessatore said no, but I’m not sure.

Flagrant 2 does not carry a suspension in next game.

I talked with refs.

He will play in the NCAA.

I’m more worried about Moses being mentally ready to go for the NCAA. He was way too tight for this game, but my suspicion is that was because it was Kentucky, and wanting that SEC tourney championship a little too much. My hope is that he relaxes just a bit and lets the game come to him in the Big Dance. He seems to play a lot better when he just finds the flow with his team mates. The stretches the last month when his offensive game has been good have always been when the other team starts reacting to the guards. If he can be patient I think he will be fine.

The other guy who needs to get his mojo back is Beard. He had a rough tournament, and he needs to contribute a bit more for us to any thing in the tournament. He’s kind of been up and down all year, so I’m hoping he goes back into the upswing next week.

Still, I think we are going to have a chance against almost any one when we’ve got three guards that can score in bunches.

The refs were calling so many touch (and no touch) fouls, I think Moses just tried to give him a real foul he could feel.