Does Charlie just keep doing enough to survive?

Knocks off #8


Little Dozen can forget a playoff bid. But that’s just as well. Nobody in the LD can hang with Bama or Clemson or Michigan or anybody else that might be in the field in January. Remember how Ohio State hammered the Paperclips in Norman and tOSU is struggling a bit in the 10+4 even before meeting the Fighting Harbaughs.

Jake Trotter seems to be pretty plugged in at Texas and made an interesting point yesterday. In 2013, Texas was playing for a Big 12 championship in the regular season finale. Jake said many were silently hoping the Longhorns wouldn’t win because had they won Mack Brown likely would have been able to leverage it into another season.

He said that he doesn’t sense that is the case right now with Strong, and that many of the power players in Texas are looking for any slimmer of improvement to justify keeping him around for at least another year. If Texas can make a bowl game - and the schedule is favorable for that happen - then it wouldn’t be surprising to see Strong back in 2017.