Does Chaney stay? Will Garland be cleared?

Will the passengers ever get off Gilligan’s Island?

And any other rumors as we look to get program back to the top.

Don’t know why he wouldn’t on the first and i know that Garland is gonna work his ass off this summer with the expectation of playing next year. His pops is going to train with him, Ethan and Gabe.

I hope Garland only comes back if a team of doctors say it’s ok. Hard not to be a little excited if that were the case. If he were my son I’m not sure even then.

Rumors of Chaney potentially leaving or having to be talked into going to games is concerning and hope it’s nothing as he could be great.

I thought Dudley had debunked the rumor about having to be talked into going to Providence …

He did. And Chaney didn’t play like someone who didn’t want to be there.

Did I miss something? I thought Garland was denied by doctors.

I never heard that mess, and that is exactly what it is, and why would he leave anyway there’s no player currently on the roster that will rival his minutes, c’mon man

This is coming from family and close friends they have been given optimism, faith does move mountains, if you are a believer you understand, if not stand back watch

rollingwithmike if you are right about this, you will move way up on my favorite prophet list. Probably just below Elijah who was the greatest trash talker of all the prophets. What he did to the profits of Baal was epic! Getting Khalil cleared would be like adding a 4 star recruit to the roster. Even better since he would be a more mature player.

I’ve been told nothing that leads me to believe Garland will be cleared.

Thanks, Clay