Does CBB have a plan?

If I was Jeff I would have CBB show me a plan to get out of this Hole!
One thing to do is stop digging. The hole is deep enough.
CBB should have a huge board on his wall OR somebody’s that has the X’s and O’s of every position and start filling in the blanks!

I don’t care what anybody says but IMO NO coach should he hired IF he can’t recruit players!
Is it because you can only have so many that do that? OR what? CBB needs to when he does his best thinking start coming up with a Plan and a vision to carry out that plan. Actually that was a plan of action my Dad used when trying to sell something. A long time ago my dad sold First Christian church in there old location. He went to a Mr. Frank Hawkins and asked him that he needed to buy the old place near downtown Ft.Smith. Some committee gave my dad the job to sell the church. Mr. Hawkins first said “No”. Well dad said “Frank when do you do your best thinking?” Frank replied we Mack it’s actually in the morning while I’m shaving! SO my dad said Frank for the next period of time I’d like you while your shaving to consider buy that church. Sure enough about a week later Mr. Hawkins called my dad and said Mack I was shaving this morning and it hit me I Should buy that church-- “SOLD”!!

Maybe all the writers know we need 2 at this position, 1 at this one, 3 in this one. Whatever CBB needs to stick his face in a few coaches face and his players to. Time to get out of this hole.

So STOP the digging CBB and start filling some holes!!

Any thought’s??

My thought is it’s a fair question. Arkansas football post ditchgate and Smiles Smith required a significant rebuild. While Arkansas hired a proven HC, it’s also true Bielema inherited a really good program. It’s not one he built himself.

It’s also a fair question because he told Arkansas his teams would play clean and not beat themselves with pre-snap penalties. He also said he’d build from the “inside out” meaning on the lines of scrimmag. That may well be the goal, but we all know that’s not been the case this season. This was his most penalized Razorback team and they could not stop the run or run it against good fronts. In short, the product he said he’d put on the field is not what we’re seeing to a large degree.

When your coach has never rebuilt a program before and his rebuild efforts at Arkansas haven’t produced the the type of play he said it would it’s very fair to ask what’s going on.

While he may not end up being the head coach here for a long time, it won’t be because he doesn’t have detailed oriented plans.

In fact, I can’t remember a coach that is as meticulous and micro-manages as much as he does.

That includes Coach Petrino, who was meticolously focused a lot on the field but let his assistants handle other things so he could have time away.

He and Long meet before the season, during the season and the off-season.

His week is carefully scripted in terms of coaching, meeting with his assistants, academics, recruiting, etc.

He reports to his boss just as all of us - who are not the boss - do to ours.

Now he may fail because those plans don’t get executed.

But I am many times befuddled that some of you seem to think the head coach or this staff doesn’t work hard, lays around lollygagging and doesn’t care about the product.

Coaches have zero days off between the end of July and the bowl. And then it is back at after a few days after the bowl and after it again through June.

Many times there day starts at 6 a.m. with meeting or workouts and it last until 11 p.m.

Just think about that for a second.

College football is a result- oriented business and it will be Ws and Ls that decide the length of his tenure.

But this notion that they don’t work hard and don’t care is just out of whack with the actual facts.

I just hope he can get some people in here that can really recruit.

I have said this before, while I would love to be rich (and maybe this is why I am not rich), I would not want to have that kind of work schedule. If that is what it took to get rich, oh well. I work hard (a lot more than 40 hours a week), but I do love spending time with my wife and kids (and parents and friends, and going to church, etc.) too much in to be a major college coach.

SGH, It sounds like you are rich to me. Maybe not in money but in what really counts.

The idea that a coach, any coach, isn’t invested in the job is by the very nature of the position very unlikely. Coaches are competitive by nature and all want to win. Whether they win a lot or not is dependent upon a lot of factors, not the least of which includes how 18- to 23-year-olds execute a game plan.

I’m not suggesting they don’t have a plan or work it hard. That said given all of the issues - lack of discipline, poor OL play, historically bad run defense, inexplicable collapses, etc- all in year four makes me question if they have the right plan. A plan that will result in Bielema achieving his goal of competing for championships.

When he was hired I expected the deeper in to his tenure we got playing with his recruits we’d have excellent line play and play clean.

Not happening.

solid point and especially the one about bringing in coaches that can recruit players…

DD, where did I say that CBB and his coaches do not work hard? Man we’ve been friends a long time. Never broken bread with you but we do know each other. I can take losing but I can’t take players stealing at a bowl game and spitting in the teams face no the less. WE come out prepared in the first half but the 2nd half has been a total collapse. If that’s not coaching then I don’t know what is. I also can’t get that last statement by CBB at the end of the first half. He even guaranteed that the 2nd half would be different. I even like CBB and have heard some cool, even great things for people that very few know about. Befuddled? Really? Maybe you need to high-lite where anyone on this thread stated they didn’t work hard. I’m befuddled that you picked the word befuddled to answer our befuddled question to you. :smiley:

Working hard does not equal W’s. It’s the very embarrassing fact of the last 2 games and most of the season. IMO there is something wrong here. Sometimes you have just got to show more leadership on the sidelines. Now I am only going by what the announcers said that bothers me. “Look at CBB down the sideline Not even near his players”. I’ve asked that a couple of times but I never have gotten a response.

Albeit I was not at the game, so I was not able to see what actions or non-actions our coaching staff was doing to stop the bleeding. Did he or did he not engage with our players in the 2nd half? It is totally unacceptable to have our QB running for his life and expect to win a FB game. Granted TO’s just killed us. But the OL just weft. Now somehow we just took it to Florida. Great game, but that was at home.

SO does anyone know what spots need to be filled? I’m a pretty simple minded kind of guy so why can our coach not draw us a picture on what players we need. OL how in the world did we get into this terrible shape? Does the OL coach recruit or not?

OK, how about this how many coaches are allowed to recruit? Do some of our coaches NOT like to hit the road and get these guys? I have posted very little in the past few months due to cancer. But before I die I want a team that WANTS to be Razorbacks and play with class.

Yes, I want coaches who can recruit, but I want coaches who can coach. That better be the first priority. If it’s not, then there will be more games that are just halfway. Coaching is by far the most important thing in college football. It is more important than recruiting. Yes, recruiting matters, but every coach on the staff better be a top-notch position coach.

The first half of my answer - the part about plans - was directed toward you and filled with details on plans

The second half was directed toward the posts since the bowl game that basically have noted the staff doesn’t work hard

Obviously hard work doesn’t always result in success and that is why there will be changes

I’ll be praying for you.

Well, CBB was correct… the second half certainly was different…

Thanks DD.

I think we can call this a wrap. When reading this thread again I would suggest it’s just frustration on my part. And I know I’m not the lone person out here with the same feelings. Most of us love the Razorbacks. We just want to be competitive and with class. What is a worthy note we had a chance to win our 3rd straight Bowl game in History. Some things being done right, some maybe not so much.

Thanks for all the reply’s.

You see, there’s this chatter on other message boards. Some people want their opinions to carry more weight than the nothing they do, so they make up evidence to support their opinions.

It’s some of the same group that went after Houston Nutt back in 2006-07. You know them.

They are the ones inventing this story about the team being under-worked because the coaches are lazy, throwing in lots of fat and drunk slander too.

I know everyone is frustrated. Nobody is happy. But I do think we can make too much out of comments made by a coach in the heat of the battle (BTW, I hate halftime interviews), but I’m not really sure what a coach is expected to say. “No, we’re not going to play well in the second half”? CBB has always been a coach that struck me as being confident. A confident coach would naturally say something like, “I guarantee it will be different.” Was he wrong? Yes, but I doubt he could have ever foreseen it working out the way it did.

If Bielema had expressed uncertainty, people would have seized upon that.