Does Barry Lunney, Jr get enough credit?

Man, he has killed it recruiting.

One of the best decisions by CCM.

Hudson Henry may be the main reason he is still here.

Now he just needs to get on OL from Camden to flip. You have to believe that’s where all the focus will be from here on out.

Barry is very genuine. He’s not going to flash and try and impress a kid.

No smoke and mirrors with him. Zach Williams and his parents loved Barry too.

Barry was Luke Ford’s favorite recruiter. That wasn’t lip service from him either. His dad said it too.

Good dude.

Does a good job of keeping it real with the kids and not fawning.

A great fit for Arkansas and a credit to his profession.

Love him and was glad CCM kept him. I worry about when he decides to move up in the profession, such as OC or HC.