Does Austin not drop back far enough to pass?

I know our O line has issues but seemed Austin took very shallow drops and held it way to long before passing - creating two problems when O line already isn’t clicking on protection.

Seemed like shallow drops to me.

Would also like to see some emotion and leadership from him as he seemed bored or confused at times but that may just be piling on,

Like the kid and hoping for the best.

I think we may see him dropping back less next week. He (and the line) is at his best when he is on the move. The play-action rollout is a high percentage play for him. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see the team go to the shotgun more against TCU.

I thought his drops were deep enough. The further you drop, the angles get easier for the defensive ends. You want to hold that pocket a little better around him.

Thank you both for the discussion.

Protection had major issues but seemed like with a two step drop he could barely see over his own linemen and D could easily put pressure on him and hit him which they did a lot.

Even if great protection seemed shallow drop didn’t give our O line best chance to keep D off him.

And Austin seems to go through his progressions slowly and holds the ball a long time.

Maybe more play action or shotgun helps that line.

I don’t know.