Does Arkansas Play TA&M tomorrow?

Perhaps this is just the feeling of two individuals or perhaps it is more widely prevalent. I wonder?

I have a good friend who is an Aggie. He has a place in Fairplay, CO. We had talked all off season about flying down to Dallas to the game together and just have a fun day doing our things. It was to be a great outing togeather with wives. Yesterday, I drove up to his place and we fly fished the upper S. Platt. A good time was had. Interestingly, not one word was said about a game tomorrow. We discussed many things, but not that, and certainly, nothing was mentioned about flying to Dallas this weekend. Is this common or just us?

I think that both fan bases got the wind knocked out of them early and neither has recovered. Perhaps the winner’s fans can feel encouragement and hope, perhaps not.

THE tilting point is at hand.

The losing coach will need to update and ready his resume.
Aggie coach has absolutely no excuse. The deep and
talented pool of players he has had the good fortune to
draw from leaves the outcome firmly on his shoulder.
Coach Bielema can only dream of having access to
that level of talent.
Still, the judgment will be the same for the loser.
Ultimately the head coach will be held responsible for the failure. It is the way of things.

For the past three years, I have traveled with my wife to Dallas. We stay at our favorite hotel on the water in Rockwall for two nights and go to our favorite Mexican restaurant in Dallas (El Ranchito on Jefferson near the Texas theater where Oswald was found). Of course, there are other meals, snacks and drinks plus gas for all of the travel from Little Rock. Each game ticket was $225.00 and I was not impressed with where we sat any of the three times. It is the most I have ever spent on an event of any kind…I expected more. The parking space near Jerry’s World is $20.00 and you still have a nice hike. The games were good but disappointing and walking back through all of those condescending A&M fans is a pure drag! When Mike from the Razorback Foundation called to see if I wanted to pony-up for tickets again this year I had to pause. I said, “You know, Mike. I used to say that winning isn’t everything. It turns out winning does matter to me. After spending about $1400.00 for each weekend for the past three years for a total of $4200.00, I am going to sit out this year. If they win, call me and I’ll buy tickets for next year.” I’ll bet there are others who feel this way.

Does anyone have updated idea of what ticket sales or attendance is expected? I still see tickets for sale but do not have perspective of how this compares to prior two.