Does anyone suspect

We will see more of franklin on the field than usual for auburn? Looking at our film they know running qb’s gives our defense fits. And I think we’ll see new plays, trick plays, new wrinkles on both sides of ball for auburn. This game last year was a springboard for us and started a downward spiral for them. Big game for both teams but bigger for their staff. Lose and they are in a precarious situation. Maybe jobs on the line. Auburn pulls out all the stops to try and win this one I believe.

I think Franklin will probably play some, but there has been an emphasis at Auburn on having one QB after the way the season began. If Malzahn and Lashlee decide to give Franklin several snaps and it doesn’t go well, they are going to take some heat, especially in light of how well White played in the last game. The less heat, the better for them right now.

White has played pretty well the whole season in fact, he just edges out AA in QBR, far fewer attempts but he is hitting at a 70% clip.

I believe both are correct. White has played above average most of if not all season as you point out. Played especially well last week as Matt points out.

But, I think Gus knows how important a win over Arkansas is to his program and to his longevity as Auburn HC. I believe because of that, Gus will be more open to anything his OC and his own intellect can come up with to defeat Arkansas.

Maybe Franklin’s use will come as no more than a change of pace, much like the wildcat he’s used so well over his career. Anything for the win.

Just hope Gus is pressing a little, which tends to deliver less than desirable results.