Does anyone remember

Who the Shoats were? Extra points if you know and you’re under 40.

I know but I’m old


Me too…


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I know, but I’m (nearly) older than dirt.

Extra credit question. Who were the Picadors?

Forgot about the Shoats, what was the last year they played?

Yep. But I’ve been calling the Hogs since the late 50’s.

about 77-78 or somewhere around there i think

How about the Madhatters?

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Use to go watch the shoats play often, but then I am way too old. I also remember the Mad Hatters. I bet Shelby does too.

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We didn’t have a freshman team, but I remember a bus ride with the JV team (also called the Shoats) to Miami OK to play the junior college team there. We got waxed. I think that was the last outing for the Shoats, probably 80 or 81.

Picadors were Texas Tech’s freshmen.

I watched them play one game when I was a freshman myself in 77
Had a guy from my HS team who played
Think it was in a Friday afternoon, maybe Thursday?

It was definitely midweek. I think our bus trip to Miami was maybe a Tuesday.

I remember going to a Shoat’s game at Tulsa (early 60’s), the year the Shoats went undefeated. Many on this team made up the National Championship team. I believe Joe Ferguson also played on a Shoat team.

The most pressure I ever felt was after a trip with the Shoats to Skelly Stadium in the fall of '72. I was helping in the SID office and assigned to call in a report to the newspaper. That was easy. After that I was told to call Frank Broyles at home and give him a report. He asked a question about darn near every player who made the trip. I wasn’t sure if some had played or not. There were no cell phones in those days, so I made the call from the press box and then found the bus (about to leave).

The fun part of that trip – and when the pressure really did get hot – was that I missed a Literature class and a test. I had a note and was excused. The teacher – a GA from Sweden who was really cute – thought I was on the football team. She said I could walk to her off campus apartment near Fayetteville High to take the test. So I did hike over from Hotz Hall to take the test.

It was September and hot (as was she). Her apartment hardly had air conditioner. She had on a tank top and shorts and nothing under the tank top. She told me it was miserable. She had never been in such sultry conditions. Me either! Ha.

I told her Hotz Hall did have good air conditioner. She asked if she could return with me. I said yes. (What’s a guy to do?) It didn’t happen, but I thought it was for a few minutes.

I did take the test and she marked A on it without grading it. Then offered me coffee and donuts. I had never had coffee. I didn’t really want it because that didn’t seem like the right drink in such warm conditions, but I accepted and enjoyed it. She said they drink lots of coffee in Sweden and usually “with something sweet on the side.” I wasn’t sure if I was the sweet on the side or she was, but she produced a donut right after the coffee.

I never missed that class again, excused or unexcused. She always spoke to me and I got an A. She told me at the end of the class that she was glad I came to her apartment because she had only been in US for a matter of days and was really lonely and I had made her feel more comfortable. Just talking to a regular US guy helped her a lot. I believe she eventually married a football player.

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On Wednesday nights in Monticello (my freshman year) we’d head over to the local drive in to see Swedish movies. That’s as close as I ever got to a hot Swedish gal.

Love that story!

Dang, Clay. Have always enjoyed reading your stories on fishing, football, baseball, basketball, etc. Should you write a romance novel, I’d buy it, too.

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I have a few more romance stories, but won’t drop any more until they seem appropriate.