Does anyone remember

I’m old so forgive my memory. But we had a fairly good team we thought coming back, I think it was fergusons sr year. We were expected to do well w a veteran team returning. Might have been 1971 but I am not sure. Anyway, season didn’t turn out so well. Lots of srs on that team. I think we finished 5-5-1, something like that. I think frank even replaced whoever the qb was w Scott bull who led us to a cotton bowl win over Georgia in later years Well the point is we have a veteran team, lots of srs and the year has overall been disappointing. What concerns me about this bowl game is who really cares on the team. I’m sure skipper does, but most of these kids are about to move on in life without football. Sweated and worked my rear off in weight room and on field for 4 or 5 years now, it’s almost over. Is there any real fire left. Coach b, if he can get them up for this game it will be a monumental task. Senior laden teams that underperform usually don’t fare well in bowl games.

It was 1972. Ferguson was a senior, and we went into the season ranked in the top 5. But USC exposed us in a whipping at Little Rock to open the season. If memory serves, Ferguson threw 4 or 5 interceptions in that game. We had offensive line problems and as all of us have observed recently, OL problems can easily compromise otherwise positive elements in the running and passing game. We went on to try some other QB’s (Mike Kirkland, Bull) and in the season ender, we went with an option attack (with Bull at QB) in defeating Texas Tech in Lubbock. I was at that game with my father and a buddy (who ended up going to Tech). It wasn’t at all the game we expected to see when the season began.

Remember it well. Plus people often forget that the year before the 64 national championship, we had a terrible record. It was so disappointing that at the end of the 63 season the seniors-to-be called a meeting. I have personally heard some guys who were at that meeting say that was the first step they took toward the national championship.

Regarding our present squad, there are indications that we have already had some leadership struggles on this team, particularly on defense. Not sure we will have to wait for the bowl to see some players just mail it in. Unlike the 63 team which was not bowl eligible, our current bunch has a bowl to make up for under performing in the regular season. I am hoping that we see a turn around on the defensive side within the next few weeks rather than having to wait 9 months like the fans in 63 had to do.

I can’t speak for anyone but myself. If I was in their shoes, I wouldn’t need motivation from anyone else. My last game…I want to go out as a winner.

I’ve heard Jimmy Johnson talk about the 63 team, the expectations they had and the year end meeting of seniors-to-be. The 63 team had all the talent-plus some that would be going forward into the 64 season. They all expected to have a great season in 63, but as we know it didn’t happen. But man the 64 season senior leadership was unbelievable, offensively and defensively.

Don’t think there is any question about leadership playing a decisive part in the failure of the current team to develop. And I think I know why. No one on offense or defense, not even the all conference LT, played consistently well enough to have the confidence to really get in anyone’s face or say, “follow me and the example I set.” Opinion, obviously.