Does anyone remember

Who the PA announcer at WMS during the 70’s was. My earliest memories of my dad taking me to games there were of this God-like voice coming over the loudspeakers. None of the rah rah hype stuff we get today. Just the facts. Clay’s article on the closure of fair park golf course stirred many memories. I played there several times back in early nineties when I was on week long rotations at AR Children’s Hospital .

I believe his name was Andy Hawkins. I may be mistaken though. I’m sure Clay would know.

Andy came along later. When I got to UA in 1978 Andy was sports director at one of the NWA TV stations. I can see the WMS PA man’s face in my mind but I can’t remember his name,

I have the name Ray Daugherty stuck in my mind, but me remembering anything these days is very problematic. So don’t go betting more than about fifteen cents this is correct.

I remember him saying, “Jim Plun-Ket, passing com-Plete to Randy Va-Ta-Ha,” all afternoon long. :expressionless:

Bud Pyron. He was an auto dealer in Western Arkansas.

That does ring a bell.

Don’t know how far into the 70s he went, but Clay wrote a story on Harry Jones. It mentioned announcer Bud Pyron in the story and stated the year as 1965.

I know he was still there during the Dickey Morton years (early 70’s)