does anyone remember

I forget the exact years, but we were highly ranked at the beginning of the season, Joe Ferguson was our returning qb, i believe Mike Reppond was our wide out, i think. The season was going horribly. I think we had issues running the ball also that year, but mid way through the year JFB totally switched the offense.

Scott Bull was inserted as qb. Benching his pro passer, who later went on to have huge success at Buffalo. Bull was a big boy from Jonesboro i think. We went from pass happy to an option sort of team with qb a running threat, an adequate passer. I think we finished that year 5-5, something like that.
But the next year i think, we went to the cotton bowl and beat Georgia. Had a great year, 10 and 2 i think.

My point, we have a bigger qb, less experienced of course like Bull, that isn’t afraid to run the ball, has a cannon for an arm, adds something to the offense we don’t presently have. i know Allen is a SR. but so was Ferguson. If we are going to languish at the bottom of the league, why not get some of these future players we are counting on some experience. Most have given up hope for this year, why not point to next year and the year thereafter. The results can’t be much worse. It also adds the possibility of a qb that can run. It won’t be the veer option JFB ran but it can be similar with the qb in the shotgun, back to his right or left or both, a man in motion for a speed sweep. And Kelly has a cannon for an arm.

Just a thought. If coach B has any thoughts of hanging around, as Clay said on the radio he has no goodwill built up at Arkansas, why not try something new, who knows, might work or work better than what we have shown so far. If we see the same old thing against Bama and Auburn, it’s just going to cement the thought that coach B needs to go. If i were him, what would i have to lose. Not 15 million.

I was thinking about that the other day. I believe it was '72, and the move to Scott Bull only happen in the last game against T. Tech in Fayetteville. They did not go to a new offense for that game, but to the old one Frank ran in the mid 60s. I think it was called the slot I or something like that. Then, we into the off season knowing Bull would be the QB, but he got hurt in Aug. Maybe '71, but in there something.

Tech had no answer that day as they prepared for a passing team that was picked to win the SWC, but had a bad year.

Yeah, if I’m not mistaken Arkansas was picked to win the NC in 1972 by one publication or media outlet. Almost certain.

Razorwill, great post! I agree totally!


Yeah, if I’m not mistaken Arkansas was picked to win the NC in 1972 by one publication or media outlet. Almost certain.
[/quote]The season under discussion was, in fact, 1972. I remember it well.

We were a consensus Top 5 preseason team, and at least one of the mags did label us Number One (again - PRE-season). That all went up in smoke when USC (who, ironically, actually DID win the National Championship that year) came into Little Rock and harassed Ferguson into 4 or 5 interceptions to win the season opener with ease (31 to 10). Surprisingly, even though there were only a handful of games telecast in those days, this game - the first ever between two of the more storied and high profile programs of that era - was not one of them. Probably a good thing for us, as it turned out.

Joe was a pre-season All-America and Heisman candidate, but it soon became clear that we did not have the type of team that would support a “Heisman Season”. I was not living in Arkansas where I could read Orville daily, but my recollection is that our offensive line, in particular, was a big problem that season (sound familiar?). Also, there were whispers of some team dissension caused by a “prominent player” stealing someone else’s girlfriend, but I don’t know if there was anything to those rumors or not.

We did surprise a good Tech team (8-2 coming into the game, ranked in the Top 25) by switching from Ferguson to Scott Bull at QB for our last game (the game was in Lubbock - not Fayetteville; I attended, driving up from El Paso with my father, and the father of a good HS friend of mine who was attending Tech). We ran about 90% of the time and dominated in a pretty uneventful game, 24-14. I remember Dicky Morton and Jon Richardson playing well.

However, it was not the case that we rode that change to an immediate turn-around the next season. The OP is probably getting confused because Bull - a true frosh in 1972 - was our QB in 1975 (after a few other QB’s took the reins in 1973 and 1974) when we did end up beating a good Georgia team in the Cotton Bowl. After finishing 6-5 by beating Tech in 1972, we suffered through mediocre 5-5-1 (1973) and 6-4-1 seasons (1974) before the co-Championship of 1975. Across the decades, it is easy to morph parts of one season into another like that.


Reppond was involved I think according to the rumors. Whether it was his girlfriend or he started dating the girl I’m not sure.


…and Ferguson. It was much discussed on campus.


…and Ferguson. It was much discussed on campus.
[/quote]Same names I had heard. However . . .

(a) It was 45 years ago, and

(b) I have no first hand knowledge of it (though the fact that this particular rumor made it from NWA to El Paso Texas in the pre-internet, pre-cell phone era may indicate that there was at least some substance to it), so I figured it would be better to not name names.

Beyond that, the bigger point is that there seemed to be some “behind the schene” issues not related to X’s and O’s, or the depth chart, that affected the chemistry of that team. Might that also be a factor this year?

I don’t know. Personally, I wasn’t alarmed when word of the Whaley - Martin scuffle broke 2-3 weeks ago. It has been my experience that some of that sort of stuff goes on with most teams - good teams and bad teams. If they are short-term, individual skirmishes, they usually fade away quickly. However, if there is something deeper that is dividing the team . . . and, again, I have NO information or indication that is the case; but if it is, then that is different.

Bottom line is that I’m not sure what is wrong with the team. Many here (and other places) have posted reasons that may well be at the root of the problem (if true). I don’t know which of them it may be. I just know that something . . . something . . . isn’t right. I can feel it - I just can’t name it.

I’m hoping it falls into Nolan’s “All sickness is not death”, and that it “heals”. But we shall see.


Ah Dave, this certainly falls into a Wait Until 2018 thought process. Next year, different leaders possibly could cause a different attitude with this team, and save CBB.

The thing I remember about that USC game that opened the season is very similar to this season. The game was in LR. The Hogs kicked off. USC opened at around the 35 or so. The first play was an off tackle run. The USC Oline totally mauled the Hogs D for a 5 or more yard gain. The whole stadium went from loud to a OMG in one play, but USC had a false start so it became 1st and 15. Two plays later, 1 st down and I told the person I was with that the game was over. When we got the ball, their Dline normally beat Ferguson back.

Sounds like this year to me.