Does anyone know where to find a Razorback PFG 3XL

Shirt? At one point I found a 2XL, but never have found a 3XL.

My son is a 3X too, trending toward 4X, and I’ve had problems finding shirts for him. The last thing I found him that fit was an Outback Bowl championship shirt that I bought outside the stadium in Tampa.

(Unrelated note: We are the last Outback Bowl champions. It has a new sponsor, ReliaQuest)

Get the 2XL, they run very big.

Hoping you wont take this in an insulting way stillgreghog because I certainly don’t mean it that way
but as an option if you haven’t already, going keto for however long you wish ( 3-6 mos. for me) is a very effective fairly easy and extremely healthy consideration too. Either way, sincerely hoping the best for ya
in case you need it man.