Does anyone know the real story on Justice Hill?

Did Muss just not like him and or his size?

Seems like its worked out well for Justice at Murray State. I was happy to see him playing well.

It was Mike that didn’t offer him out of high school. He was in the Utah JC when Muss was here, I believe. I always wanted Mike to offer Justice.

Justice is having a great year at Murray St, and I believe could have earned PG minutes here this season and helped the Hogs. He is actually 5th in the country in assist to turnover ratio among the top 50 assist guys. He’s also 3rd in scoring for Murray St at 13.2 ppg.

Justice was already on the team when Muss got here…came here early. I think you are thinking about McBride.

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Man, can’t believe I’m blank on this. Justice didn’t play any during the 18/19 season did he? He’s not listed on the roster for Muss’ first season here or for Mike’s last season? Was he injured all of 18/19?

He graduated HS early after football season and enrolled here. He was a part of the ill-fated “Hog 5” that Howland and Perry decimated before it could even happen.
As far as what happened from there…I heard Fitz Hill on Drive Time the other night talking directly about this. He said when Muss got the job, he evaluated the entire roster. He was honest with Justice and his family that he probably wouldn’t play much, or at all, early. Muss felt like Justice didn’t help his basketball skills by playing football his senior year. Justice transferred to the JC after that. Fitz also said that his family appreciated the honesty and harbors no ill-will.


Ah, now I remember. He actually enrolled at mid semester but didn’t play, just practiced with Mikes 2018/19 team. Didn’t he come in as a walk-on just for that early enrollment 2nd semester in 2019. I guess he didn’t enroll at Arkansas for the 2019/20 season and went to the Utah JC to play.

Thanks. Can’t believe I forgot that whole episode, including his terrific Sr year football season at LR Christian.

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For what it’s worth, McBride averaged 12.3 PPG in just over 23 minutes per game this year. It is looking like when Abmas leaves ORU, Issac is in a good place to potentially put up some BIG scoring numbers. Shot 44.8% from 3 and 83.4% from the FT line.

Glad to see Juice also found a landing spot that needs him.

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Justice has been a lockdown defender and great ballhandler who could hit the occasional 3 in the 3 games I watched vs Belmont (x2) and Morehead. Murray is no easy out for anyone as is the usual state of the best in the OVC. Justice fits in a talented rotation of 7, got skill to match plenty of SEC PG’s. His dad is tops in my book of personal encounters.


Have not seen him play, but will try to catch a Murray State game in the tournament. How does his game compare with Lykes?

I think he’s quiet a bit better than Lykes but he’s not playing the same competition.

Lykes is definitely quicker, but Justice is a better POINT guard. Agree about the competition, Jeff. I’m not sold on Justice as an SEC point guard, but Lykes hasn’t worked out like I’d hoped either. I really thought he would be throwing 2 or 3 oops a night, but alas, he fancies himself as a scorer. I thought we might be getting Kareem Reid with a better J, but I was so wrong. I’m just glad his D has improved, and I truly hope we don’t have to see any dribbling exhibitions from him or Devo in The Dance.


Disagree there. I think Lykes would be the OVC player of the year if he was in that conference.

So Lykes wouldn’t over dribble at Murray St?


I’m not trying to say anything bad about CL. There is a grit, toughness, character intangible with Justice that makes me want all the success in the world for him! I think he could contribute here. Iron sharpens iron!


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