Does anyone know how we have done on opening drives?

Anyway to check to see how Arkansas has done so far this season on opening drives to either start the game or start the second half on Offense?

Yes. You can check. Just go through the play by play and that is available in box scores posted on UA site.

09/03 Arkansas 21 Cincinnati 24
1st Quarter 4 plays for 25 yards - punt.
3rd Quarter 8 plays for 75 yards - TD.

09/10 Arkansas 44 South Carolina 30
1st Quarter 13 plays for 63 yards - TD.
3rd Quarter 8 plays for 23 yards - punt.

09/17 Arkansas 38 Missouri St. 27
1st Quarter 3 plays for 6 yards - punt.
3rd Quarter 6 plays for 20 yards - interception.

09/24 Arkansas 21 Texas A&M 23
1st Quarter 4 plays for 15 yards - punt.
3rd Quarter 3 plays for 7 yards - punt.

10/01 Arkansas 26 Alabama 49
1st Quarter 7 plays for 28 yards - punt.
3rd Quarter 5 plays for 15 yards - punt.

10/08 Arkansas 17 Mississippi St. 40
1st Quarter 6 plays for 5 yards - punt.
3rd Quarter 3 plays for 4 yards - punt.

10/15 Arkansas 53 BYU 35
1st Quarter 5 plays for 23 yards - fumble.
3rd Quarter 2 plays for 75 yards - TD.

10/26 Arkansas 41 Auburn 27
1st Quarter 3 plays for -1 yards - punt.
3rd Quarter 9 plays for 64 yards - TD.

11/05 Arkansas 19 Liberty 21
1st Quarter 3 plays for 2 yards - punt.
3rd Quarter 6 plays for 25 yards - punt.

11/05 Arkansas 10 LSU 13
1st Quarter 3 plays for 5 yards - punt.
3rd Quarter 7 plays for 15 yards - punt.

That explains a lot doesn’t it? This is the biggest stat that shows the weakness in our coaching staff. This is the example that suggests we are getting outcoached.

The first drive should be scripted with plays that have a higher chance of working. Obviously that’s not working


So if the offense comes out on the first drive and the defense is doing something a little different than they did on tape, the coaches are supposed to be able to figure that out on the first or second play and adjust accordingly? Or they are supposed to have scripted magic plays that will work regardless of what the defense is doing? Otherwise they are getting out-coached? Man, you guys are some tough critics. I don’t care if the hogs score on the first drive or the last drive, as long as they have more points at the end.

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Could be interpreted as a lack of talent.

That’s definitely an area where we have to really start game planning better for

I think we need to start running plays that are not expected a lot more on that first drive to try to catch the defense unprepared and get a big play.

Exactly. We have a week to study tape, find their weakness and attack it. Of course our opponents are doing the same thing. Based on the numbers, other coaches are winning the battles. Sure, we can lay some blame on lack of talent, but the opening drives where we can run something unexpected should yield a little better results, right? I am not calling for anyone’s job, but I think it is a trend that I would like to see end. Do we need better analysts? More analysts?

My sincere hope is that CSP does some real soul searching and goes to school himself in the off-season to study on making better in-game decisions and figure out how to start fast.

Cody, you make good points.

However, the part about in game decisions I don’t agree with.

Everyone is going for it more on 4th down now days for the same reason Hoopsters have more three point attempts than in the past……ANALYTICS.

All that effort in game planning and practice to start fast has failed. Is it the coaching and game planning or the players? You play like you practice. Too much emphasis on tempo with variable results killing momentum and putting pressure on defense. Get going and then add tempo .

Think this sums it up. We are slow to adjust and do not get into rhythms consistently and are are either a big play or bust offense. One 13 play drive out of the twenty. Yet we also controlled time of possesion during 3 games that provided rhythm and ate the clock sealing a win. Very inconsistent offense.
First Half drives. 51 plays or 5.1 per game.
Second half drives 57 play or 5.7 per game.

Amazing how great the coaching is on this board by people who are not making millions for doing it. Just imagine how great they could be.


That is why we are fans. We fans and media only see it on Saturdays and yet we can see other teams either do it better or same as we do. Our coach has stated starting fast, making third downs and getting off field on third down for past two years. Facts are facts. We take our clue from him. Clearly we have injuries and I understand why the coaches are trying to protect players and still get best they can out of them but that never works well for player or team if they cannot heal.

Some don’t see it on Saturdays either. To quote someone here, Mercy. LSU started slow, too.


I looked for some stats to determine the average drive results for all of CFB, Power 5, and the SEC in particular, just to have some comparable numbers. Unfortunately, I didn’t locate exactly what I wanted. My assumption is 10% of opening drives resulting in points is low.

Anyone know where 10% ranks?

I do realize the analytics indicate most teams should be more aggressive. However, you also have to have a feel for your team and how they are playing that day. Obviously, hindsight is 20/20, but Hornsby wasn’t having a great day and most likely doesn’t play great in practice every day. Hey, if it had worked, we would be calling him a genius!

I am still a fan of CSP, but like others, now that we are in year 3, we are seeing some areas of concern. I personally had hoped our OL would be ahead of where it is today. It was concerning we couldn’t find a way to stop or neutralize #40. I also realize this is a game of inches and this season just hasn’t been our season.

Losing sucks. And you either quit, accept mediocrity, or dig deep and find ways to win. That’s what I want to hear about- how will our coach dig deep and get better? I know he recruits as hard as any coach we have had, but so does all of our league. How do we do it better? Sorry for the rant. I am still excited for Razorback football and irritated that we have been so close to a much better record.

The area that bothers me more than opening drives is our Red Zone flops. We have come away with either 0 or 3 points all year. I like our chances for a TD more from the 30 or 40 yard line than first and goal on the five.

Well said, we are all fans and want our school to do well. We like Sam and what he has done to stabilize the train wreck he inherited . But the job is the job. He is learning and growing as coach in the hardest conference but 6-6 might get you a bowl game but it will not fill stands consistently or get you a raise. Sam deserves our support in many areas but human nature says he will also have to win more to gain it.

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