Does anyone have Chris Beard's phone #?

I’ve seen the Capela comparison before, I see where people get that, but I think Dan may end up a better player than Clint. I haven’t seen enough of Allen to form an opinion, but McGee, I’ve seen quite a bit. I don’t see any similarities in how he and Dan play. I understand what you are saying about back to the basket and not a great scorer, but McGee just doesn’t seem in the Capela/Gafford mold.

Where’s the post I put a percentage on it?

I don’t remember doing that.

Blu…I am in the transportation and logistics industry. I don’t hang with high rollers but I have a few people that I trust who might know a little about certain situations. I don’t know any of the coaches personally nor have I ever been to any of their houses. I didn’t share any earth shattering top secret information. If Mike continues on the current path and misses all post season tournaments this year then his seat will be hot. If he doesn’t reload at the 4/5 spot and turn it around in 2020 then he is most likely out.

I don’t remember the exact post, but I asked about Gafford returning and you replied, I know you said not at this time, but I remember a percentage being posted, may have been another poster and I got you confused.

Yes, had to be somebody else on the percentage.

I am anti-percentage.

Come on Darrell Walker!! Win at UALR!!

I would be really interested to go back to May of 2016 on the board and see if any wolves were howling for DVH’s head while the baseball team went in the tank (13 straight losses to end the season and a losing record, if you’ve forgotten).

Could have used the exact same arguments I’m seeing today – he’s had enough time, proud program that’s fallen off, etc, etc.

But 25 months later we were one pop fly from the national championship.

Can I say MA will be in the Final Four in 2021? No, but I can’t say he won’t.

There may have been some knuckleheads calling for DVH’s head, however the year before he took the Hogs to the CWS. In fact he had taken them to the CWS in '09, '12, and '15.

We’re still waiting on Sweet Sixteen #1 with CMA.

There were plenty calling for DVH’s head back then.

I was stunned, but shouldn’t have been.

Well, boys, of recent at least those calling for the heads of Bielema and even Mike have been a lot more right than wrong. I could call several here a “knucklehead” for advocating keeping Bielema around. I may have said a word or two about DVH in the distant past after a bad season. I was probably a knucklehead for that.

Look, Hog fans want to win. They don’t want to be patronized and always hear how out of touch they are with reality simply because they say a coach should be fired on a message board. There has been some bad coaching on the Hill lately and not much winning — DVH excluded. The Mike supporters? It’s slipping away fellas. The excuses are growing weary. Just face it. If you don’t, I’m pretty sure Hunter Y. will.

So, how does it work… You’re only a fan of the program/coach after a win? You guys act like the team is 10 games below .500, they are 10-7 with the 2nd youngest team in the country, with at least 15 games left and just got past the hardest part of the schedule.

I just don’t understand “fans” that complain every time things don’t go smoothly. Me personally I wouldn’t even feel like a real fan of a program if I sat and complained more than I celebrated and supported, that’s part of being a fan of team going through the ups and downs and supporting them through it all. You have people that will complain, complain, complain and say fire, fire, fire after every single loss. If we win big they try to act like they’ve been a supporter the whole time, then if we lose they said I told you so. It’s a win/win situation for them. You talk about the administration, if they listened to you guys that “don’t wan to be patronized” and fired a coach after every rough stretch we would never have any success at all.

In our last 13 SEC football and basketball games the Hogs are 1-12. Are you expecting a bunch of kumbaya singing? Maybe, just maybe, Hog fans are on edge and deservedly so.

It’s 4 losses in a row. First time in Mike’s tenure. And there are several disappointing trends, especially given we started fairly strong. No one is coming on here and raising hell after just one loss. It is an extremely disappointing past four games.

But Hog2009 makes a great point above. 1-12 in last 13 SEC games. Atrocious. Putrid.

I thought we were talking about basketball here. Why do you guys keep trying to compare football program with the basketball program? Basketball program has won 23+ games 3 of past 4 seasons, and has the second best sec record over the past 7 years, and competed in the SEC championship game 2 of the past 4 years. The football program just had the worst season in school history, and only had finished above .500 in conference once in the last 4 years. Not comparable situations. You can be mad over on the football forum about how that’s going, don’t try to bring that over here acting like it’s a similar situation, because statistically speaking it’s not even in the same realm.

On edge? Sure. Frustrated? I am too. But when people create threads like this, its hard to take some of you seriously when we’ve seen crap like this for 8 years now.

Because they can’t separate the two. That’s something I’ve noticed about too many fans. They apply football logic to basketball and are upset, not realizing their rationale is illogical.

It’s not a great point at all, because football and basketball have absolutely nothing to do with each other. If we’re combining programs, why don’t we add baseball, soccer, women’s basketball, track, and every other sport to the equation. I don’t think any AD has ever said “let’s fire the basketball coach because the basketball and football program combined record is 1-13.”

I’m trying to be nice to these guys, but it’s hard, when people are so irrational. Who combines program records to try to criticize one coach. That’s taking reaching to an all new level.

I don’t know that he was necessarily criticizing Anderson, but more conveying the frustration overall, but still, it’s a stretch to project football issues towards our basketball team.

Not illogical at all. In fact, it’s one of the most logical viewpoints one could possibly take. Pervasive Razorback losing affects all Razorback fans, regardless of sport.

And I think part of it is a lot of us want to see how committed Hunter Y. is to winning. Does he have the resolve to make the tough decision with Mike? This will be his first real test. Remember, he didn’t fire Bielema. If he sits on his hands with Mike, there’s going to be a lot of grousing.

What is increasingly illogical is your failure to recognize Mike is not doing well as a coach. Selectively spinning all of the stats in favor of Mike is not persuasive right now. He has lost four games in a row, not gotten to the Sweet 16, and has just not done a good job overall after 8 years.

Arkansas can do better. We need to expect more and better. This can be a much better basketball school than it has been since the early 2000’s.