Does anyone have Chris Beard's phone #?

Mike is a great guy, want him to succeed, but going to be tough if we finish last in SEC which seems possible or even likely in year 8.

Looking at the schedule, only a few more wins at most–lets say we manage to win 3 more, that’s losing 14 of our last 18 games. Ouch.

Beard WILL NOT come here. He’s very happy where he is.

I understand your desire for a new coach, but it won’t be Chris Beard.

Mutual friends tell me he would leave Tech for three places and Arkansas is not one of them.

I think the time he spent at UALR makes some think he has an affinity for Arkansas, but that is not the case.

I’ll talk to Beard Saturday in Lubbock! Can’t guarentee anything but with all my Hog gear on maybe it will put an idea in the back of his head when he gets a glimpse !:joy:

Dudley, I agree with your last sentence. Something was said when he bailed on UNLV about his love of Texas Tech, it was similar to what I heard when CMA left Missery for AR.

Can you, or will you, share who the three places are? I’m just curious.

Kansas, Kentucky and Indiana

Thank you. I actually didn’t expect those three, but I can understand it

Dudley, do you ever hear anyone say they would love the Arkansas job?

Over the years, yes.

It is a high major job with potential.

While it is not the destination place for coaches that some Arkansas fans believe, it is a complete place now that the practice facility is in place.

I doubt you are going to see an established coach make a lateral move without some Arkansas backstory, but if a change it made, you need to hit on the right young up and comer.

Don’t ask me for names as I won’t comment on that until the job is open. I don’t believe it is professional to do so.

Do you think the job will become open?

It will be open in 2019 or 2020. I spoke to a few boosters and the seat will be smoking hot in a few weeks if something drastic doesn’t happen. Some folks also believe Gafford might be back next year due to his potential drop in draft position. If that happens then Mike will get another year. If that doesn’t happen then it will depend heavily on how this team closes out the season. There is not a full outright call for Mike’s job among the power brokers because Mike has done to much for the University and he conducts himself professionally at all times. Those in charge understand the struggles the program is facing. There was a lot of hope heading into this season by the key decision makers. I think the picture becomes much clearer after a few more games. Apathy has started to set in and everyone needs to focus on attendance numbers the remainder of the year. I think Season ticket sales will drop 10-20% next year, maybe more if Gafford doesn’t come back and If the recruiting struggles to land a couple of studs. I don’t think Mike will be forced to shuffle his staff nor do I think Mike is a person who will shuffle his staff in an effort to keep his job. You have to win games to keep your job. The fast start by other coaches in the SEC has really put Mike in a tough position. Mike is a fighter so that always means you cannot count him out.

I’ve actually felt that way about Gafford for awhile, but Dudley says 95% chance he’s gone. As for butts in seats, that’s how a coach gets fired, that’s more important than wins, no fans, no money, no job.

I have no clue and no one else outside of Hunter Yurachek does.

There are some boosters - two different groups with opposite views - who think they have pull.

But they don’t have as much power as they think they do.

It would be very egotistical of me or anyone else to pontificate on absolutes or something they just “think” they know and don’t have valid reasons for putting stuff out there.

Would they if Long was still here? Or Frank?

No. But they still thought they did.

It’s kind of comical to see sometimes.

Oh, the stories I will tell when I am done…at least to my friends.

Dudley you referenced a lateral move as something an establish would not make but how much of a factor does money play if the money is right? Does a coach like Steve Prohm at Iowa State consider Arkansas if the money is right?

Dudley…no realistic person expects you to get into the rumor and innuendo game. I share what I hear with some belief there is at least some truth to it. I don’t share names or disparage anyone. I do agree that none of us can say with any certainty what will happen.

I must have been asleep posting my own babbling nonsense.

Was trying to say I hope all are committed to winning a national championship.

Making the tournament every year.

Since 77?

Kinda hard for us to take you at your word on this post, you get some people, like the guy that claims he’s friends with CMA and has been over his house several times that just make up stories to try to sound important.

But, if what you’re saying is true, it makes a lot of sense. I agree this team needs to close out this season strong and CMA needs to land a marquee guy in this 2019 or 2020 class. It’s probably too late for the the 2019 class, but that 2020 class needs to be outstanding. They need to have at least one of the coaches at every single Moses Moody game that they are allowed to be at.

As far as Gafford, he’s gone, I see no scenario under any circumstance where he returns, there’s no way coming back improves his stock if anything it will hurt it. Gafford is what he is right now, Scouts love him because of his athleticism, his energy, and his ability to block shots on the defensive end. He’s never going to be the best back-to-basket player or best shooter, that’s just not him. There’s plenty of guys that are doing well in the NBA doing exactly what Gafford will be asked to do. JaVelle McGee, Jarrett Allen, and Clint Capela, all of those guys are similar players.