Does anyone get the feeling this whole athletic program sucks?

I do.

Thank goodness we at least now have a new set of eyes in Yurachek.

Clay talked about Long not holding Bielema accountable for the fall off in football. Well, we have Chad Morris and, hopefully, an AD that will demand consistent winning in that program.

And let’s see if the same will hold true in basketball. Yurachek saw his own Houston Cougars rip Mike’s team a new one before he was hired. That should’ve at least been a signal to Yurachek that both Mike’s coaching and basketball team are not very good. Yurachek of course deserves some time to verify all this on his own. But this poor play is really inexcusable.

I really hope this new regime prioritizes winning and accountability. The losing in all sports Hog fans have endured over the past several years is just awful.

As Trump says, “Sad.”’ Come on, Hunter. Start demanding more from these coaches and players.

Can’t remember such a long stretch when both FB & Basketball have been mired in mediocrity though I’ve only followed them for 50 years

If Mike were to be let go this year, what would his buyout be. Could we afford to buyout another contract this year?

Nope. Arkansas may well have its best baseball team in years. I know, it is a “minor” sport, but not to me.

The athletic program as a whole is pretty strong with NCAA Tournaments in most sports most years. But all most pay attention to are football and basketball.

Don’t those programs pay the bills?

At this point, I don’t care if Anderson loses the rest of season. He deserves another year! We have a strong class coming in and the future looks brighter than the present. Mike can get this corrected, Macon and barford don’t have enough help imo, and bc of that they are tired.

No, but the question is whether the entire athletic program was bad. The answer is no.

Across the board in my opinion the athletic program is in good shape. It may be you are venting without all the facts!
How many hog sports do you follow?
The Ladybacks are doing better under first years Coach Neighbors.
The baseball team is as good as it’s ever been. The gym backs are national rated.
Would you like me too continue!

I with you on the baseball team. It will be be nice for the opening pitch!

heard this before

“How many hog sports do you follow?”

Enough to know that for virtually the entire state of Arkansas, just making the post season in women’s soccer (and losing) doesn’t move the needle any.

More winning, fewer excuses. And fewer “let’s just give him another season.” What a bunch of crap that is. After more than 5 years at over $2,000,000 per? Really? Has NW Arkansas been so cash flush over the last few years that millions of dollars can just indiscriminately be thrown at half-assed coaching, with no consequence? Sure seems so.

Again, come on Hunter…start creating some consequences. That’s your job.

Hey Hawg, right now I feel the Razorback nation is totally frustrated with our major sports programs other than baseball. Yes, the current football program is bottom tier SEC on par with Vanderbilt in the East. Hopefully Coach Morris will lead us back to respectability. After last basketball season, we thought that we had turned the corner and become a top 25 program again. What a beginning to our B.B. season and now to be totally frustrated by what appears to be a poorly coached, unmotivated, mentality soft basketball team. I hope Anderson can turn it around. However, I’ve seen enough of this team to know other teams with good guard play will usually beat us. If the season becomes a total disaster like the football team and we don’t make the big dance, Anderson may not survive.

No. The program doesn’t suck. The basketball program is decent. It isn’t great but it’s pretty good. They were ranked 2 weeks ago and have had a rough stretch recently but will likely finish strong and up up with 23-25 wins and a decent seed in the NCAAT. It’s worth noting that their strength of schedule is Top 5ish nationally.

It would be foolish to fire Mike Anderson after this season. The team will likely have 23+ wins in 3 of 4 years with back-to-back very solid recruiting classes.

But, I’m not surprised that you’re posting this again as you pretty much do every year. No mention of winning 25 last year and taking the NC to the brink. Just that MA is awful and should be fired. He’s outcoached in every loss and lucky in every win.

Got it. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. I’m just disappointed you couldn’t get a “rat ball” reference in their somewhere.

Ridiculous. Ratball? I don’t use racist, dog whistle terms like that buddy. Never have and never will. Not towards Mike or anyone else.

I absolutely loved Nolan and the way he recruited and coached. Go back and read my posts on Nolan since you’re so fond of that.

He won using this system for whatever reason. Mike has had plenty of time but has not won all that much. He’s just achieved mediocrity, regardless of last year. Arkansas has some great basketball fans that deserve better than the inevitable NIT this year.

We will see if NIT is inevitable. They’re in solid position to make the NCAAT. Stronger than they were last year and about where they were in 2014.

I don’t think that our athletic program sucks, but to me right now, it’s very mediocre. Joining the SEC has been a big time financial success for the program, but for athletics not so much so. Other than a strong cross country, track and field program (a legacy of John McD), national championships let alone conference championships have been nonexistent. Yes the baseball program is strong thanks to Van Horn ( he was here before Long), but they haven’t won a conference championship since when? The women’s sports have also languished. Yes, some will point to being nationally ranked but being ranked doesn’t bring in championships if that’s what the yardstick is. The SEC is one tough conference in any sport. Yes, some of our sports programs are moving in the right direction. The new AD has a tremendous opportunity to awake the sleeping giant not only in football but throughout the athletic program. Let’s get it done.

LOL, we’re not even considered a bubble team. We’re strongly in the field. Joe Lunardi has us an 8 seed updated this morning after the loss to Florida and as Notorious mentioned our SOS is really strong. ESPN has it as the #8 SOS. When you play a schedule that tough, you’re going to have losses. The SEC is the second best conference in the nation this year. Currently has 8 teams predicted in, with 3-4 more on the bubble that’s very close.

There are issues that need to be addressed, and some have been, but Arkansas doesn’t need to hang its head about anything. Long actually had things moving in the right direction in almost every sport except football. I know its the flagship program, but there’s even hope there. Baseball, men’s basketball, women’s basketball with the hiring of Neighbors, women’s soccer, even softball appear to be on the rise. I know most of those sports may not interest many Arkansans, but as long as there is competition, Arkansans want to win. Outside of Kentucky, Arkansas actually has the most SEC wins in the past four men’s basketball seasons. I seem to remember Nolan struggling and missing the Dance his first two seasons and was only ranked once in his first four seasons (actually in the 1986-87 season when they failed to make the tourney). And Nolan inherited a program in much better shape than what Arkansas was when Mike came. The Golden Years may never return to Arkansas, but Mike is still an excellent coach and a good fit for Arkansas.

why do you always get personal. you are one of the few posters who slam other posters when their opinion differs from yours. he said nothing personal to you notorious specifically, he just stated his opinion on the state of the hogs. many posters came back and shed light on the entire athletic program in a civil way, but not you, you on the other hand get personal, nasty, condescending, degrading and if you were in a boxing ring you would have been disqualified long long ago for hitting below the belt with cheap dirty shots. my new nickname for you, cheap shot. you earned it.