Does anyone else see a resemblence between Benintendi and . . .

. . . a young Michael j. Fox?

top three photos yes, not so much with the photo on the bottom.

No doubt.

The top 3 photos are Michael J Fox. not AB . . . lol . . .

The fact that you thought they were Benintendi is a de facto validation of the comparison . . . :wink:

Yes…I started to post that the other day. He does look like a dark-haired young Michael J. Fox. Andrew is not very big either. Kind of small for a major league outfielder.

Benintendi is such a mature, smart player for a young guy. I have watched him play several games for Boston, and the thing that really impresses me is he is ready for the big leagues. He is not awed by this…He is ready.

His plate discipline is very good for a young rookie. He knows the strike zone and is looking for his pitch. He is just not going up there swinging. He has a plan and a great looking stroke to go with it. Wish the Yankees would have drafted him. I watch Boston every chance I get now. Go get 'em kid.

Did anyone see the catch he made in LF?

There are links to the video on this board.