Does anyone else get embarrassed

when the clock goes out at WMS?

Has it ever worked?

Right on que…

Well done.

You were a little late tonight. :sunglasses:

I’m beyond embarrassed. :oops: I’m ready to fire people. :evil:

Yes I do as a matter of fact.

I’m more embarrassed by the players who run their mouths when things don’t go their way

At some point these wasted home games at Little Rock have to stop.
WMS isn’t up to SEC standards and recruiting weekends at Little Rock games are impossible when you can’t showcase your actual home facilities and campus.

Go Hogs!

I suggest we focus on, handwring, and lament over not winning games rather than bitch about where the games are played. The WMS debate is silly. No one in the entire US cares about Razorback football — and especially where we play — because the Razorbacks are a losing football team.

We MUST play a game in LR regardless if the clock functions or not
Or if turf is outdated
Or no official visits , etc
Go hogs!

Problem is not WMS - seemed to be just fine when we finished in the Top 12 in 2010 and Top 5 in 2011 and beat good SEC teams there each year.

As another poster said nobody outside of Arkansas cares where we play because we are a complete after thought in the SEC and nationally.