Does anyone else get embarrassed

When the clock at RRS malfunctions?

I’ve never understood why people get embarrassed. It can happen anywhere. Including the pro stadiums.

No, only when it happens in WMS

First time I remember it happening at RRS in a long time.


Oh yeah I do. My face turns beet red and I can’t help but think about how our national image is about to take another hit. Inbred, technologically inept hillbillies has got to be what the national sportswriters and broadcasters are thinking.

Me too. I couldn’t sleep last night because of it.

I knew this thread was coming as soon as the clock didn’t stop the first time…


Maybe it was just so darn loud that the switch short-circuited.

It was as loud as I have heard RRS other than maybe the Wingo TD vs Bama. It was crazy.