Does anyone else get embarrassed when

the clock malfunctions at BWA?

I turn red as a beet.

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Classic thenotoriouspig…

No, why should we?

At least they can live stream a game there


I immediately look for a bag to put over my head. Such an outdated, antiquated, overrated excuse of a basketball palace. They should call that place Barton North.

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Does Jack Stephens Arena have the capability of broadcasting digital content in case UA schedules a game with UALR to make up the Tulsa game? I don’t think any other arenas/stadiums in Pulaski County do, unless some of the local high schools do

Yes. All of UALR’s home games are on ESPN+. That is how the Arkansas-UALR women’s game will be shown later this month.

Good for them. I’ve been told the management at Simmons Bank Arena would just as soon not mess with sports, so they aren’t going to do it themselves. They see SBA as a concert hall, basically.

It is expensive to put in place the digital setups most schools have in place now. Arkansas spent around $8 million to build a control room and lay cables across campus in 2014, and I’m sure a lot has been spent on upkeep.

From what I can tell, the North Little Rock arena hosts one, maybe two sporting events per year, and none that are marquee outside of Arkansas. I can understand the reluctance not to invest in that kind of technology.

They could do more. State high school tournament, for instance. They had NCAA subregional once. But since management isn’t interested…

Speaking of NCAA subregionals, it would be cool if UA got to host one at BWA in the women’s tournament this season, if they don’t go to a bubble format. Apparently no decision has been made on that, Top 16 seeds get to host subregionals. We had a women’s subregional at BWA once without us being in it.

It was more than a subregional, it was the Midwest regional. Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight games, played the first year BWA was open. Frank Broyles sent letters to all of the men’s team season ticket holders, encouraging us to buy tickets for the event. Southern Cal won the regional I believe. Pretty sparsely attended unfortunately

The pitch for getting Alltel Arena built was for not only concerts, but for monster truck shows, rodeos, convention floor space, as well as many sporting events. There were several sports the first few years: UALR basketball, arena football, ice hockey, and high school tournaments. The 2008 first and second round games were held there when Memphis was a 1 seed and Texas a 2 seed. The Hogs got sent to Raleigh, NC for their games.

I was able to watch a streaming for Arkansas high school 3A football every game this season. Amateur hour? Sure. But I got to watch, with commentary.

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