Does anyone else get embarrassed when

the clock breaks in the final seconds of the Stanley Cup Final clincher?

Oh yeah. My face turns radiant red and I look for the nearest Zamboni machine to hide behind.

Sorry didn’t see it.

Were they playing in Little Rock?

I didn’t know hockey was still being played. Didn’t all the ice melt?

When the hogs start playing on the tv I’ll start watching! Otherwise I could care less!

Just like it saeems to always go out at WMS. One game a yr. and they more often than not can’t get it right.

Stanley Cup this yr. was pretty amazing in that a 1st yr team, las Vegas, was in it. Washington won, but still special and very special for Vegas. If the ice does not melt in Vegas, it probably isn’t going to melt.

As a long suffering St. Louis Blues fan, that first year phenom stuff really irked me. So glad the Caps won. Once Lord Stanley’s Cup lands in Vegas, we all know its there to stay!

…when people finish a sentence with a preposition especially the word, ‘at’.

Does the clock have French numbers on it?