Does anyone else get embarrassed when

the floor is broken at the Greenville, SC Regional sure and has to be repaired and sanded down before the third game of the day?

No, but if I were a Greenvillian I would be ashamed to show my face. A civic black eye for the entire Greenville community. Never again should they be allowed to host an NCAA event.

Another example of how this country is falling apart.

We used to never worry about the floor. I noticed at the SECt in Nashville, players were slipping and falling down a lot. What was that all about?

This may not be a big deal, but is certainly worth keeping an eye on it.


Agree. The people that placed and won the bid to host probably need to take a closer look at things. That said, even the most detailed and organized people can miss something that’s hard to detect until it actually happens.

Okay. Call me oblivious, but I have no idea what y’all are talking about. I missed most of the first half & part of the second half due to work obligations. Could one of you those of us who didn’t see all of it?

Greenville has nothing to do with this. The same company supplies floors for every NCAA site every year. The problem (and the solution) was with the company. They gave Greenville a bad floor.

This is the company’s website. Note they’re bragging about being the official floor of the Final Four. Hope their court in Phoenix doesn’t do this…

After our game they had to replace some of the wood on the floor. It caused a brief delay.

The floor is probably made in Mexico and shipped to the US and then package as if it’s made here. Poor quality! The floor should not do that. Let’s just hope that no young man or woman gets hurt playing on them! That’s really my only concern.