Does anyone doubt that Clay will

Be doing his best to get a front row seat to all the Oline and Dline drills this spring and fall? I am already preparing myself for the journey Clay will take us on with his columns. I think we are gonna witness an unbelievable turn around this fall. Does everyone realize the offensive talent that will be on display this fall? If Coach Davis and Coach Pittman can whip this Oline into shape…look out. If the injury bug will stay away this season we are gonna score some points. My concern today is depth at TE and RB. Go Hogs.

I think the coaches will help those on campus now, but I think before we see the Lines we want we’re going to have to be patient until they get their recruits in there.

I hope we get to see some drills. Not sure what the viewing situation will be with this new staff. Never know.

would be awesome to watch them close up if they will allow it.

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My concern too at TE, but I believe our RB room will be in great shape with Rakeem back, plus the transfer who set out last year Trelon Smith I believe is his name, Almontae Spivey with a yr in the weight room, Chase Hayden is also back & the newcomers not a bad group.

Spivey is a stud…just has to be given the opportunity to show it…

Agree, would be great to have the 3-headed monster we had with D-Mac, Felix Jones & Peyton Hills.

That was a tremendous backfield & even with really no passing threat they still dominated!!

So add Franks to the RB group we have I’m pumped!!!

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